Well here I am, an Irish boy,
Just landed here today,
Thought I'd see yez for a while,
So I came across the say.
They told me Scotland was a place,
We're all was gay and free,
Be dad says I, if that's the place
Shure that's the place for me [Note 751.1]

So away I went on roaming bent,
I paid my fare, made everything Square,
I soon got a float in a beautiful boat,
My father was there tearing his hair,
My mother was cryin', my sister was dyin',
My uncles an' cousins were there by the dozens,
My mother in haste threw her arms around my waist
Crying Patrick asthor¹ kiss your mother onne [sic] more
If you will go away cross the big say,
I know well you're fate, you'll be ate by the skate¹,
What a beautiful dish you'll make for the fish;
An' then you'll be drowned and never more found
In the boat sure that first brought you over.

Kissed suite Judy Connor,
Then I went on board the boat,
The steam was up, the sail was se [sic] [Note 751.2]
An' I was soon a float.
The pipes they struck up gaily,
For they lost their darlin' boy,
My mother she wept bitterly,
And so bedad¹ did I.

First came thunder, an' then came rain
I wished myself at home again,
The ship began rowling, an' I began growling,
The very next minute she slappep [sic] up again it,
And then the next morn there rose a big storm,
Which swept me away out into the say;
You can guess my emotion all alone in the ocean
I was dead with dispair [sic] while sayin' a prayer,
When I wave came behind, for swift as the wind
Then came another far bigger than t' other,
That landed me then on the top of some men
Says one for your jumpin' we'll give you a thump
He up with a stick and gave me a lick,
He then knocked me flat on the broad of my back
I lay there half dead with a wound in my head;
When the captain came by, arrah master, says I,
Take me home to my mother, my sister and brother,
They brought me up some pork on the end of a fork,
Sayin' Paddy ate that, oh! Says I it's too fat.
The sailor's were laughin' and me began chaffin'.
The wind blew harder, the rain fell quicker,
And every minute I grew sicker an' sjoker*,
I lay on the floor, an' a big oath I swore.
If I ever get home no more I will roam,
In the boat sure that first brought me over