The Downward Line

There is a railway downward laid
Which God the Father never made
And it was laid when Adam fell
What numbers it conveys to hell

Six thousand years are nearly gone
Since first this railway was begun [Note 091.1]
The road is wide and smooth and gay
And there are stations on the way

Appollyon¹ is the engineer
His coat of arms his servants wear
The steam his breathe which drives the train
The fire is sin which feeds the flame

The first and second and third class train
Are full of passengers within
The steam is up, the flag unfurled
How quick they move to yonder world

Here fortune smiles and pleasures gay
At every station on the way
Here dress and fashion you may find
Of every sort and every kind

The cheerful glass is drunk with glee
And cards and music you may see
Both old and young and rich and poor
All standing at the station door

Appollyon now begins to boast
Of numbers great a mighty host
Who are inclined their place to take
To travel downward to the_lake¹

Oh think on this while yet you may
And stop your speed without delay
Oh leave the train that leads to hell
If you with Christ would ever dwell