The Spiritual Railway

The line to Heaven by Christ was made,
With heavenly truth the rails are laid,
From Earth to Heaven the line extends,
And in eternal it ends.

Repentance is the station then,
Where passengers are taken in;
No fee is there for them to pay,
For Jesus is himself the way.

God's word is the first engineer,
It points the way to Heaven so clear,
Through tunnels dark and dreary here.
It does the way to glory cheer.

God's love the fire, his grace the steam,
Which drives the engine and the train;
All you who would to glory ride,
Must come to Christ, in him abide.

In first, and second, and third class,
Repentance, Faith, and Holiness,
You must the way to glory gain,
Or you with Christ can never reign.

Come then, poor sinner, now's the time,
At any station on the line,
If you repent, and turn from sin,
The train will stop and take you in.

If all these trains should by you pass
And you are found in neither class
When neither truth or fire or steam
Can make you willing to get in

The sinners you will weep at last
When heaven is lost and time is past
The heavenly trains are all gone by
Then sinners must forever die

When all these trains in heaven arrive
With all who did in Christ abide
How sweet their voices how they sing
And praise their great eternal king

The King Eternal on his throne
Announces that the trains are come
Their robes are ready to put on
And Jesus says the word "Well done!"

To the Humane and Sympathetic Public

This is to certify that in consequence of the improvements in machinery hand labour has become merely a thing that was - Ten men and two boys with aid of machinery take the labour of 100 men in consequence of which thousands of honest & industrious men have been thrown out of employment
Ladies and Gentlemen, these verses are composed by unemployed tradesmen who have no other means of supporting their wives and families than by disposing of these verses - hoping you may become purchasers - may God bless you and make you happy. Price one Half Penny each or what you may please to give.