Post Boy Steam Boat

All ye who would visit  Lochlomond's green isles.
Where, in Nature's own garb, Summer cheerfully smiles,
From Marion ye'll many a fine prospect enjoy,
From the clear streams of Leven to the Cave of Rob_Roy¹[Note 715.1]
The  Post Boy is ready to bear you away,
And to bring you back safe at the close of the day.
Yell see the fine valley where Smollett was born,
Where he jocundly sported in life's early morn,
Ere his versatile genius was know to the world -
Ere Misfortune's dire javelins against him were hurl'd.
Ye will see the grand lake with its various coast,
And the numerous islands of which it can boast-
And the Prince of the mountains that rise in the West,
On whose mighty shoulders the clods often rest.
The Superb and Majestic are lofty Steam-ships,
That shine as they fly unafraid of eclipse;
From Greenock to Liverpool such is their haste,
That their speed suits the trav'llers who've no time to waste:
The Post Boy will bear ye from Glasgow at morn,
And Greenock will patiently wait your return.
In the Post Boy ye'll find Captain Leitch is the man,
Who squares his transactions with true honur's plan;
The vessel he rules with discretion and skill ---
And thus he secures ev'ry trav'llers good-will.
For the Steward¹, a better ne'er sail'd on the Clyde,
His activity's known through Britannia wide;
For the worth Mackinlay, the passengers find,
Has viands and liquors the best of their kind.