Greenock Steam Boat

The poet praises the boat especially its ability to sail in water too shallow for other vessels.


Chorus: Now the Greenock Steam Boat's ready, [Note 711.1]
              Now the Greenock Steam Boat's ready,
              The wheels are all in whirling trim,
              The steam is up, the hands are steady.

Let others run far o'er the sea,
To rocky creeks, to cure the vapours;
From Glasgow to Greenock¹ we
Will ply, and never mind their capers. [Note 711.3]

Their patience lost - in lofty ships
Some wait the tide - right sair's the pity;
Nor ebbs, nor shoals, can mar our trips,
To stop our progress to the city. [Note 711.2]

With Captain Douglas, frank and free,
And kind, and cautious, wha would weary?
Sprung from the great Rob_Roy¹, we see,
The Steward¹ active, blythe an' cheery.