Dumbarton Castle Steam Boat

The poet describes the speed and comfort of the vessel.


From a fortress renown'd through antiquity wide,
As the seat of the princes and chiefs of Strathclyde¹,
The name of the vessl's deriv'd, but her fame
From her stately apartments and swiftness we claim.

Chorus.  Although her namesake long has held
           Her station on a rock, [Note 706.2]
           Now Dumbarton Castle through the waves,  [Note 706.1]
           Repels the tempest's shock;
           Along the seas, though 'gainst the breeze,
           We pass in little time,
           And view the scenes renown'd in song,
           By Ossian¹ sublime.

When or friends of the city impatient are grown,
For they're tiresome the bustle and smoke of the town,
We lead to where summer unfolds all her grace,
Where Fingal¹ and his heroes often join'd in the chace [sic],

With the skill of the rider that bridles the steed,
The vessel is made on its way to proceed;
Oft the speed of the wind in its progress is seen,
Yet it always a castle of safety has been.