Waterloo Steam Boat


From the Fields of Decision the vessel is nam'd
And long shall that field be in history fam'd;
Hope was banish'd - an age of war's tumults we knew,
Till the star of peace emerg'd from the smoke of Waterloo¹.

Chorus:  And now amid the reign of peace
                  Art's guiding steam we ply,
                  That makes our wheels, like whirligig¹ reels,
                  O'er yielding water fly;
                  As our heroes drave their foes that strave
                  Against the bonnets blue, [Note 704.1]
                  On every side the waves divide
                  Before the Waterloo. [Note 704.2]

On the walls represented our heroes appear, [Note 704.3]
Some on prancing grey horses our highlanders near;
While the throng in the cabin the battle review,
With the speed of the flight we the journey pursue.

In summer when scarce a cloud crosses the sky,
The ladies look round them with wondering eye,
While they seated on deck, Clydesdale's beauties admire,
As behind us the landscapes appear to retire.