On the Neptune Steam Boat

A celebration of the Neptune.


Old NeptuneĀ¹ one day
Did exultingly say,
Mid the Steam-boats that now are in motion,
One that bears my own name,
Will revive my old fame,
And my feats in governing the Ocean.

Chorus.  For Neptune shall be enterprising; [Note 703.1]
               True worth shall distinguish the Captain;
               Their storekeeper, too,
               And the whole of the crew,
               Shall, by merit, have births [sic] in the Neptune

My boat said the Sire,
Navigated by fire,
On the winds shall not place reliance;
From the prow they'll retreat,
When they find that they're beat,
By the powers of mechanical science.

Old Neptune is plac'd,
With a diadem grac'd,
On the prow where a green cloak he's wrapt in;
And many a shore
That was distant before,
Is brought near by the speed of the Neptune.