Elwy Steamer

Celebration of steamboat operating on Shannon estuary.

[Note 105.0]

You gallant sons of Erin's isle
Pay attention for a while
Till I relate our grandest style
Of steam accommodation
The Elwy steamer I'll go bail [Note 105.1]
Can beat the train that goes by rail [Note 105.2]
I never saw her equals

Chorus: So fill your glasses drink a toast
             Of our good Mayor now we can boast
             The best around the Irish coast
             Or any other nation

He brought her here to serve our town [Note 105.3]
The train to Foynes can't put her down
That worthy man of high renown
Brave Tait our gallant hero [Note 105.4]
Her splendid cabins grand and fine
Where quality can feast and dine
The Elwy steamer does outshine
All other vessels sailing

She is clipper built and made for speed
Her powerful engines strong indeed [Note 105.5]
No other boat could her exceed
To all she is superior
And when her captain gives command
The engineer has all in hand
The grandest folk in Erin's land
Her noble steward awaits them. [Note 105.6]

The Elway is the grandest boat
That ever mortal seen afloat
I solemnly could take my oath
She beats all steamers sailing
To see her running through the bay
The sea-guls (sic) quickly have her way
Full speed from here to Kilrush quay [Note 105.7]
And calls at Tarbert station [Note 105.8]

Remark the truth to you I state
The best in town is Peter Tait
For great commerce he can't be beat
B[illegible] hire among the natives
His working people are most gay
Well clad and dressed in rich array
Our mayor for certain takes the sway(1)
You could not find his equals.