Bobby Walkstraight's Visit to the Great Leviathan

Possible tune : 

Ye curious folks now list! Awhile, an' some curious things aw'll mention,
For curious things to cause a smile, aw consider a good ivenshun';
This world's a wonderful world folks say, progressin' and improvin',
But still Leviathian schemes give way, when an iron ship wants movin'.

CHORUS. Then list ! ye canny folks to me,
                    Begum¹ aw'll let nought slip, sir,
                    Consarnin' this monster for the sea,
                    The Leviathian iron ship, sirs. [Note 101.1]

'Boot Parymids an' Babel¹ toors, aw've read tiv aw kept mi breeth in,
But soul, aw stacker'd thunnerstruck, when aw saw the greet Leviathian ;
Aw've read the 'Rabian Nights twice ower, an' boot Noah's Ark, a good 'un,
Noo Brunnel¹'s idea was an iron ark, Noah's idea was a wood 'un.
Chorus-Then list, etc.

Six hundred an' eighty feet in length, an' eighty three feet wide, sirs,
Wi' screws an' engins' o' mighty strength. ti work agyen wind an' tide, sirs ; [Note 101.2]
As big as Earl Gray's monument¹, ye'll fynd oot ivery funnel,
Man, to luik at her twice, she'll make ye squint, its a fact, ax Mr. Brunnel.
Chorus-Then list, etc.

Ten thoosand tons ov iron plate, an' fifty-five each anchor,
Work'd wi' three million rivets, shuv that i' yor peyte,
Then forst i' the world ye'll rank her ;
They say she'll bawd ten thoosand troops, ti fight for Briton's glory,
For begums her like in might an' height, was niver heard in story.
Chorus -Then list, etc.

They say they've planted trees on board, may beleef that surely hardens,  [Note 101.3]
But she hez a place for cheps to run, as big as Jesmond Gardens ;
Twenty miles an boor, noo that's hor speed, they say, before they try hor,  [Note 101.4]
Gox wi' canvas an' steem, its queer indeed, if ony thing gets by her.
Chortus-Then list, etc.

Ivery convenience she hez on board, of mighty weight an' structur',
Wi' scores of invenshuns an' 'lectric leets on mast-heeds ti conduct hor ;
Gas yairds on board ti myek thor gas, they say she hez provided,
Wey, all's forst-rate, but the launch, an' that she gat for-ward slow, one-sided.  [Note 101.5]
Chorus-Then list, etc.

Noo let us hope this Leviathian scheme success suen will be givin',
An' that honest men may niver want work ti gain an honest livin';
Success attend wor iron trade, wi' the coal trade hand in hand, sirs
'Mang Tyneside hearts, an' Tyneside homes, wor Queen an' native land, sirs.
Chorus--Then list, etc.