Eagle Steam Packet, the; or, a Trip to Sunderland

The passage from Newcastle to Sunderland and back, and the rough weather encountered.

[Note 106.0]

OH, ha'e ye heard the wondrous news ?
To hear my sang ye'll not refuse,
Since the new Steam Packet's ta'en a cruise,
An bore away for Sunderland.
The folks cam flockin ower the keels,
Betwixt Newcassel Kee an' Sheels,
Before she ply'd her powerful wheels,
To work their way to Sunderland.

The sky was clear, the day was fine,
Their dress an' luggage all in stile ;
An' they thought to cut a wondrous shine,
When they got safe to Sunderland.
Now when they to the Pier drew nigh,
The guns did fire and streamers fly ; [Note 106.1]
In a moment all was hue and cry,
Amang the folks at Sunderland

There was male and female, lean an' fat,
An' some wi' whiskers like a cat ;
But a Barber's water-proof silk hat' [Note 106.2]
Was thought the tip at Sunderland.
In pleasures sweet they spent the day,
The short-liv'd moments wing'd away ;
When they must haste, without delay,
To quit the port of Sunderland.

As on the ocean wide they drew,
A strong North wind against them blew,
And the billows dash'd the windows through:
A woefill trip to Sunderland !
Such howlin, screamin rend the sky,
All in confusion they did lie,
With pain and sickness like to die,
They wish'd they'd ne'er seen Sunderland.

A Lady lay beside the door,
Said, she had been at sea before,
Where foaming billows round did roar,
But ne'er had been at Sunderland:
She soon amongst the heap was thrown,
While here and there they sat alone:
Poor Puff had passage up and down,
But none could get from Sunderland.

Some in a corner humm'd their prayers,
While others choak'd the cabin stairs;
And bloody noses, unawares,
Were got in sight of Sunderland: [Note 106.3]
In vain they strove now to proceed,
So back again they came with speed ;
But the passengers were all nigh deed,
When they got back to Sunderland.

Now their dresses fine look'd worse than rags,
While each a safe conveyance begs ;
And many had to use their legs,
To travel home from Sunderland.
By this affair your reason guide,
When on the seas you'd wish to ride,
Choose a good strong ship, with wind and tide;
And, so good bye to Sunderland.