Golden Stones of London


At home where I was born and bred
By fayther I was told Sirs,
That London streets where folk did tread
Was paved with nought but gold, sirs
I swallowed all the story down,
And made a famous¹ plan, sirs
To bring myself to Lonnon Town
And be a gentleman, sirs.
Tol, lol.

So up I com'd a' top of coach
Wi' coachman all alone sirs;
'Twas quite dark when we did approach
The famous golden stones sirs;
He told me town was made so neat
'Twould surely make me stare, Sirs
For says he there is a Silver Street,
Besides a Golden Square, sirs
Tol, lol.

Next morn I started off quite soon,
To find these famous places, Sirs,
And wandered about 'till afternoon,
And then I slack'd my paces, Sirs;
But sure to say it I'll be bold,
For I every place did try_on¹, Sirs
The streets beant paved with silver nor gold
For the Stones be made of iron Sirs
Tol, lol.

I found mysen deceived outright,
But as money I did not lack, Sirs
I e'en resolv'd to see ev'ry sight,
Before I did go back, Sirs;
At first the Wonderful Pig so cute¹ [Note 652.1]
I see'd is surely a store¹, sirs;
Each trick I wonder'd much how he could do't
He certainly isn't a bore, sirs.
Tol, lol.

Then I went aboard a fine steam boat
That did at anchor ride, Sirs;
So curious 'twas that it would float
Against both wind and tide, Sirs.
But they seem'd to me, to play such games,
I thought how folk would stare, Sirs,
If instead of carrying us up the Thames,
It had carried us up in the air, Sirs.
Tol, lol.

Each different object I came near,
Struck me wi' surprise, sirs
And now my money's gone, oh dear!
Experience makes fools wise, sirs,
' Tis nation¹ fine to cut_a_dash¹,
Lonnon streets to roam, Sirs,
But a mon wi'out good stock of cash
Had better stay at home, sirs
Tol, lol.