Dudley Station

As times rowl on an' metters change,
Te try te m'yek improovement,
Sum things that's new they l'yuk se strange
'Tis thowt a f'yulish moovement.
When changes are m'yed for the best,
An' fund quite rang when put to test,
Anuthor change shud them t'yek place,
An' not to leave things in disgrace.
The Railway Company may think shem, [Note 537.1]
For what they've d'yun te change the n'yem,
Of canny Dudley Station.

The n'yem's an honor te Tyneside,
An' so is Dudley Pit, man [Note 537.2]
Its fame is noo spread far an' wide,
As m'yest folks will admit man.
But noo they hey been se absurd,
As change its n'yem tiv Annitsford ; [Note 537.3]
The very bairns when they cum h'yem
Will say wor station's, ehang'd its n'yem.
An wonder oft if the Sk'yulbord¹,
Will n'yem the new Sk'yul Annitsford,
As they've d'yun Dudley Station.

They've built a new'un grand an' fine,
Which we wor much in need man ;
It is the bonniest on the line
Between the Tyne an' Tweed man.
Ne doot for centories it may stand,
In memory of that builder grand ;
They tell me Douglass is his n'yem,
He lives at Amble when at hy'em.
'Twad been te him a greet relief
If they had not caused us sec grief,
Be n'yem'int ont Dudley Station.

It's built wi bricks se bonny reed
Wi.'freston f'yecins fine man ;
The waitin' room is awl we need,
On this important line man.
The wetter closets tee se neet [Note 537.4]
Is l'yuk'd upon as quite a treat ;
An' there's the b'yukin' office tee
Is really splendid man te see.
'Twill be a plishur tiv us awl
If they'll consent for us te call,
It Dudley Colliery Station.

The platform's iv enormus lenth,
Wi' decorations grand man ;
Which l'yuks te be of wondrous strength,
Raised up wi' bonny sand man.
An' there's the roads se neet an' fine,
That leads reet up on te the line,
The passengers as they come forth,
May t'yek the way for South or North.
An nivvor be at onny loss
By hevvin' ower the line te cross, [Note 537.5]
At this New Bonny Station.

Ye Dudley fokes m'yek a protest
Ag'yen this alteration,
For shoorly it will be knawn best,
If it's n'yem'd Dudley Station.
Or if thor hes to be a change
Call'd Seaton Burn, or Weetslade Grange ;
The place will keep its gud repute,
An' there will nivvor be dispute.
But awl will say wi' won accord,
We'll not hev it n'yem'd Annitsford,
Wor Bonny Dudley Station.