National Washerwoman


They're all washing, wash-wash-washing
They're all washing the Company by Steam:
Duke, bishops, earls lords, they all have got a share
Judges, counsellors, and half the House of Commons too are there.  [Note 721.1]

They have all turn'd old women, and. pay them, 'tis true,
There's nothing so dirty they will not soon get through,-
     And they're all washing, wash-wash-washing
     They are all washing the Company by Steam:

For the great things and fine things, the Lords take their places
Looking after the collars, the mantles, and the laces;
The Bishops are up to their elbows in lawn¹
And all have got their aprons on, 'tis true as you are born
     And they're all washing, &c

From Lincoln Hall  many old suits are there
Though they're most of them rather the worse for wear and tear
For silk gowns the Counsellors wait your commands
And the lawyers have all got blue_bags¹ in their hands [Note 721.2]
     And they're all washing, &c

The Admirals daily look over the water
While Generals and Captains give the petticoats no quarter:
Fast lathering away, to fill their lines quite willing,
And propping up the great things and looking very killing
     And they're all washing, &c

From the stockings the stockbrokers look for their gains
While Merchants  from the city still toil o'er their counter-pains
The Aldermen¹ are over the table-cloths haranguing
And the judges are all on good grounds out hanging
     And they're all washing, &c

Booksellers and Authors the wet sheets have got,
While Lady Macbeths are crying "out damn'd spot"
From the college of physician half the faculty are dangling
With the Heads of   Surgeons' Hall to be ready for the mangling
     And they're all washing, &c

O'er the irons in the fire speculators look arch,
The Society of Friends they are furnishing the starch
To second the small things, there's M.P.'s as is quite proper,
And Directors of Mines, head and ears in the copper.
     And they're all washing, &c

Many Chymists¹ and Apothecaries¹ duly there to view,
They prescribe their sud-orifics, and soap orifics too: [Note 721.3]
From Duke's place, the tribe of Israel their clothe-bags, in are bringing
and many a dashing Belle while fast her clapper [illegible] is wringing
     And they're all washing, &c

The Laundress swears 'tis the tale of a tub [Note 721.4]
And declares they will give these old women a rub
That unless by white washing they soon get some lifts
The subscribers will quickly be put to the shifts
     And they're all washing, &c