Dublin Steam Coach

A visitor to Dublin sees the first railway in Ireland and also the road steam coach Erin. [099Synopsis] 

I'm a rambling nailor(1), John Shaw is my name
From Belfast to Dublin fair city I came
I thought before I to my work would set to
Of that famous city I would take a view

Derry Down

The 7th of December I chanced to approach [Note 099.1]
Unto Westland Row I beheld a fine coach [Note 099.2]
It ran without horses to Kingstown that day 
To save the expenses of corn and hay

Its next then to Dame Street I next took my way
When a brand new invention I spied on my way
A steam mill in a window which did me surprise 
A grinding of coffee to make the folks wise [Note 099.3]

To Sackville street next as myself did approach
I saw whizzing past me a thundering steam coach 
In its belly were passengers flying to Howth [Note 099.4]
But among them my body to risk I'd be loth

By steam they weave cotton by steam they make broth
By steam in the calender(1) they dress the cloth
And if that the time doesn't alter I deem
The poor of the city may live upon steam

By steam they make by steam they grind ?malt?
By steam they make beer by steam they make salt
By steam they make mammers (sic) by it they make saws
By steam they weave tape and by steam they print gauze

By steam they cast brass and by steam they cast lead
By steam they make use of the folks when they're dead
There's nothing but steam with the folks will go down
By steam the(y) picked out of my pocket a crown

King Solomon said but that cannot be true
That under the heavens there is nothing new [Note 099.5]
Neither him nor his father nor yet his grannson
Ever saw a steam coach through Jerusalem run

Its back to the north on the coach I will steer
In Dublin I pad for my rambling to(sic) dear
Adieu to your steam and adieu to your gass(sic)
I will stop in the country with my bonny lass

As smoking hot water makes machines go fast
I will try it on myself when I go to Belfast
But a little improvement on it I intend
To mix whiskey and sugar to drink with a friend.