Disaster at Elliot Junction 28th December 1906

The Day was cold and dreary
And darkness fell around:
The travellers, bright and cheery,
Were mostly homeward bound.

To meet their friends and loved ones
Upon the glad New Year;
They little thought of danger
Or death that was so near.

The snow had drifted madly
In wreaths upon the way. 
Which blocked the line so badly
And caused a great delay.  

The local train went forward
As far as she could go.
Till, blocked at Elliot_JunctionÂș
She stood among the snow. [Note 086.1]

Some persons grew impatient
So long they had to wait;
While others changed their carriage
As sure decree of fate

The mail came rushing onward
And as it left Arbroath.
Came through the mighty blizzard
Still fiercer in its growth. [Note 086.2]

The driver of the engine
Could see no sign or light [Note 086.3]
The D. and A. joint railway [Note 086.4]
Was in a dreadful plight

The train pursued its journey
Still battling with the blast:
The travellers, cold and weary
Were rushing home at last.

When, with a shock tremendous
That shook the earth around
The folks were dashed together
And thrown upon the ground [Note 086.5]

The trains were in collision
The local and express
Oh God, the cries were awful
Of people in distress

The sight was so appalling
'Twill never be forgot
There lay among the debris
A mangled human lot.

Among the person travelling
Upon that fateful night
Were two distinguished nurses
Who quickly came in sight

These nurses acted bravely
They well deserved the "Cross"
One tore her dress to fragments
Without a moments loss [Note 086.6]

To tie and bind up fractures
(It was a noble deed) :
While splints from broken woodwork
Were got with utmost speed. 

The line was strewn with wreckage
And near the close of day
Upon the snowy carpet
The dead and dying lay.

All those who were uninjured
Put forth a willing hand
To help their dying comrades
And hear their last command.

Exhausted, bruised and bleeding
Exposed to wind and cold
The agony of those mortals
Was dreadful to behold

The hospital was ready
And then with tender care
The injured ones were carried
And laid down gently there

The dead were raised with reverence
Mid pity shown by all
Their poor and battered bodies
Were taken to the Hall [Note 086.7]

And Oh it was heart rending
(For soon the news had spread)
This gruesome sight to witness,
The claiming of the dead.

The terrible disaster
That fearful storm of snow
Will never be forgotten
Through years that come and go.

The twenty eighth December
Has crowned the year with grief
Oh God protect the helpless
And send to them relief.