Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver

One day I got out on the spree(1) - I fell out with my mother,
she says to me, "We can't agree, you'd better find another."
I said "My Dear, yo need not fret; I'm in the humour o' starting;"
So then straight way out I did set, all for to seek my fortune.

Well, when I came to Bolton town, I met all thing satisfactory;
I tried at many and many a loom, til I geet to weave at factory.
I had not long been I' th' shade before my merit took sir,
So weel I did geet on with my trade, they made me overlooker.

I dressed myself in clothes so fine; thinks I, I'll cut a dash on,
And I will geet a sweet heart too, fear I be out o' th' fashion
Hoo talked to be so very fine, said hoo were no deceiver;
Hoo said well-off that we should be; hoo was a dashing steam-loom weaver

One night I came down into t' town and didn't happ'n t' bring her
I scarcely had set myself down to harken to t' Star Inn singer, [Note 079.1]
When a chap as works beside o' me - I thought him no deceiver -
Well he wlaked in and sit by me with my dashing steam-loom weaver

Now first I thought to let him sup, but he put me in such fettleĀ¹,
And so to hime I bristles up to show I had some mettle
I said "Thou'll leave that lass o' mine or I'll gi'e thy chops(1) a driver;" [Note 079.2]
He says "Now dunna thee come it so fine: hoo's my dashing steam-loom weaver

And so next day to hoo I went to see if hoo'd a conscience
Hoo said, "Lad, rest thyself conent; it's nobbut a bit o' nonsense".
I met this chap the very next day' gin him oe'r his chops a driver;
We fought a full hour up and down, through my dashing steam-loom weaver.

And when that we were on the ground as hard as we could batter,
This girl she did come walking round to see what was the matter;.
So then I purred him o'er his mug; hoo run at him in a fever;
Hoo pelted at him with her clog, so I won my steam-loom weaver.

Now very soon we geet our friends, we geet wed on Easter Sunday,
And wedding kept among our frinds all day on Easter Monday.
As you may see, I geet good wage; what brass(1) I mean to save sir,
We are content as ought can be, me and my steam-loom weaver