Steam Jobbing versus Greenwich Watermen


Tis mine the task, my Friends, to ask,
Who would of Steam be knowing.
And who would fain be Waterman,
What would ye all be doing ?

Pray who does lead this famous deed ?
Which draws ye to steam's ranks;
Who's your first-famed Director nam'd ?
Why-Mr. BROCKLEBANK. [Note 679.1]

Pray, who's the second in this list,
Of this famed Greenwich prank
Why, who, indeed? if you can read,

Pray, who is the third, in this absurd
Scheme, made for Man of Plank ?
He told you when, he took the PEN-(chair)
'Twas all for BROCKLEBANK.

And who, in truth, is next. forsooth,
In visage rather lank ?
Its clear as noon, 'tis RICHARDSON.

And who comes next, to spin my text,
A man of sturdy shanks;
A Captain bold-who rudder holds

The next good one is EVENDON. [Note 679.2]
A man who deals in planks;
'Tit known he makes, and no mistakes,
Small ships for BROCKLEBANK

The next in More, is one BEADMORE, [Note 679.3]
Who well can make a tank.
And all. declare, he's Engineer,
To this famed BROCKLEBANK.

I yet must tell, the rest as well,
Who are 'listed in this rank,
There's one by name, is nearly TAME,
But he's no BROCKLEBANK.

And last of all, we now must call,
To finish up the flank,
Our Brother TODD, we think it odd,
That he joins BROCKLEBANK.

See now you've got, a precious lot.
Of self-made Steam Directors ;
Care they one crown-'bout Greenwich Town-
They're BROCKLEBANK'S Protectors.

There was a time, so says the rhyme,
Oh hookey, with a crank,
When ne'er a PEN could be found then
To extoll this BROCKLEBANK.

Now let me pray, ye'll stay away,
This Lottery is nought but Blanks ;
Let it not go thoro'-Greenwich Bore',