Have You Seen the Great Eastern

Have you seen the Great Eastern in Liverpool town? [Note 726.1]
You can toddle on board if you pay half-a-crown²,
She's a terrible ship and a wonderful size,
She does all the world and his mother surprise.
The great landing stages for her are complete,-
The smallest just measures five hundred feet.
Seven hundred and fifty the largest, oh dear
Lads have you seen Simpson-? He's sure to be there.

Have you seen the Great Eastern near Liverpool town,
Have you seen how the the [sic] thousands are flocking all round.
Have you seen the great monster who the world does surprise ,
And have you seen Simpson ? he's there in disguise

There will be street and alleys on board the great ship,
There'll be stables for donkeys, and cabins for pigs,
There'll be race grounds In ponies and gutters for mud. .
And gardens for growing the herrings and spoods.
They tell me she'll reach with a small yard of rope,
From Liverpool town to the Cape of Good Hope ;
Fine dancing saloons for to wriggle about,
And have you seen Simpson ? the ladies will shout.

There'll be garrets to let up aloft you must know,
With parlours on deck and kitchens below ;
And away on the ocean so proudly she'll steer,
With ninety-five thousand brave volunteers.
To quiet the Yankees and make them be still, [Note 726.2]
Do wonders on wonders she nobly will ;
And as she sails onwards. the world will remark,
Site is fifty times larger than Great Noah's Ark.

Have you seen the Great Eastern, that wonderful ship
If not to Rock Ferry you must take a trip [Note 726.3]
She's come from New York, in the Mersey she's moored,
And for half-a-crown you can all go on board
In thousands they go and in millions they come,
Hallo boys! hallo boys ! how they do run
Away to behold the Great Eastern they send;
Ladies, Have you seen Simpson? he's stuck in the mud.

Some ladies with lockets so charming and fine,
Some their heels peeping out of their stockings, behind;
Some with a mantle, and some with a veil,
And some with a thing like a crocodile's tail. [Note 726.4]
Some with a crinoline stuck in the throng,
Eleven miles wide and seven miles long
And if they don't mind, when on board they repair,
'Twill be, Have you seen Simpson blown up in the air

I will go, said old Betty. the ship to behold ;
She's the wonder of wonders, as I have been told ;
For I do feel so funny that I am assured,'
I should never die happy unless I went on hoard.
There's cock pickled oysters, and pickled onions strong,
And a grinding machine to make old women young;
Saloons, too, for dancing - so come, take a trip.
I say, Have you seen Simpson on board the big ship ?

Then here's to the Great Eastern steamship with glee,
The queen of the ocean, the pride of the sea ;
You can just pop on board if you pay half-a-crown,
Singing. Have you seen Simpson in Liverpool town