Great Eastern Steamship

A flight of fancy imagining royalty, politicians and other notables having a role in manning the ship.

The Great Eastern Steam Ship, designed by I. K. Brunel, Esq., F. R. S., and built by Messrs Scott, Russell & Co., Millwall, is 18,000 tons larger than any other ship in the world* and there has been expended on it no less a sum than £600,000; She will have ten boilers and five funnels; each boiler weighs 45 tons and has ten furnaces. The Great Eastern is fitted to accommodate 800 first class passengers. 2,000 second class, and 1,200 third class, in all 4,000 passengers ; or, if employed in the transport or troops, she can carry upwards of 10,000 men. Copies can only be had in the Poet's Box, 6 St Andrew's Lane,. Glasgow.

Air - Vulcan's Cave

You all have heard of that great ship,
That soon will make her trial trip,  [Note 727.1]
Swindlers may give all the slip,
By going in the Great Eastern.
As soon as she has left the dock,
And nothing of her spoiled or broke,
She will be ready for the folk,
That's going in the Great Eastern.
You all, &c.

The owners have made up their mind,
And as they never were behind,
They'll give the deaf, the lame, and blind,
A trip in the Great Eastern.
Prince Albert is to hoist the sails,
The cook will be the Prince of Wales,
To feed the folk on big ox tails
In the ship called the Great Eastern.
You all &c

Lord Palmerston the ship will steer,
Lord Brougham will serve out the beer,
Sam Cowell all their hearts will cheer,
On board the Great Eastern
Ships will go to Yankee Land.
And put New Yorkers to a stand,
For nothing will they see so grand,
As the ship called the Great Eastern.
You all &c

The owners of the ship they say,
Must take all showmen that's in the way,
And they will not recline to pay,
For going in the treat Eastern.
Wee Parry also will be there,
With barbers' clerks to dress their hair,
And they will hold a Glasgow Fair [Note 727.2]
On board of the Great Eastern.
You all &c

You'll see the Poet and his Box, [Note 727.3]
With ballad singers in great lots,
And speech criers to to torment the folks,.
On board of the Great Eastern.
They will likewise have a Grand Bazaar,.
With Paddy Doolan and his jaunting car,
To drive the people near and list,
On board of the Great Eastern.
You all &c

Quack¹ doctors are to fill the hold,
And beagles, too, as I am told,
And fishwives they will shout and scold,
On board of the Great Eastern.
A poors-house [sic] also will be there,
And Adam's son will take the chair,
In cheat the paupers they'll not dare,
lit the ship called the Great Eastern.
You all &c

A thousand scavengers¹ are to meet In
London on a certain street,
To sweep below the people's feet,
That go in the Great Eastern,
Five hundred sweeps to clean the vents, [Note 727.4]
A thousand tinkers with their tents,
Lord John Russell¹ will collect the rents,
On board of the Great Eastern.
You all &c

They will bare Paddy's Market., too,
And clothes you'll get both old and new,
Any colour, black or blue,
On board of the Great Eastern.
Shebeen shops are to be there,
Policemen plenty everywhere,
And Forbes M'Kenzie on the stair,
On board of the Great Eastern.
You all &c