Clyde Steam Boats 1819

Additional verses to Clyde Steam Boats 1818

Additional Verses to the foregoing Tune. September, 1819.

Port-Glasgow Steam-boat like a shot
Flies off-the sailing passion
Will soon gie ilka town its boat,
For walking's out o' fashion

Chorus: Then haud ye blythe my hearty chiels,
              The Steam fu' briskly turns the wheels.

Fingal derives from ancient song, [Note 667.1]
A venerable name, Sir;
For Ossian's harp through ages long
Resounds the Chieftain's fame, Sir.

Sir William Wallace comes in view,
And flies with force amazing;
The Hero's bust upon the prow
Sets all the folks a-gazing.

Rome's worthies' busts their city grac'd,
The mind of youth to draw, Sir;
But Scotland's chiefs afloat are plac'd
About the Broomielaw, Sir. [Note 667.2]

Thence wide they spread whate'er wind blows;
The Steam-boat Robert Bruce, Sir, [Note 667.3]
In England's harbours daily shows,
What Glasgow can produce, Sir

Amang the rest we see on high,
The bard of Coila's name, Sir; [Note 667.4]
And Scotia, till her streams run dry,
Will keep afloat his fame, Sir.