Thomas Scaife, epitaph of


Sacred to the memory of Thomas Scaife
late and engineer on the Birmingham and Gloucester railway who lost his life at Bromsgrove station by the explosion of an engine boiler Tuesday the 10th of November 1840. He was 28 years of age. Highly esteemed by his fellow workmen for his many amiable qualities and his death will be long lamented by all those who had the pleasure of his acquaintance.
The following lines were composed buy an unknown friend as a Memento of the worthiness of the deceased.

My engine now is cold and still
No water does my boiler fill
My coke affords its flame no more
My days of usefulness are o'er
My wheels deny their noted speed
No more my guiding hands they heed
My whistle too, lost it's tone
It's shrill and thrilling sounds are gone
My valves are now thrown open wide
My flanges all refuse to guide
My clacks although so strong
Refuse to aid the busy throng
No more i feel each urging breath
My steam is now condensed in death
My railway's o'er: each station past
In death I'm stopp'd and rest at last
Farewell dear friends and cease to weep
In Christ I'm safe. In him i sleep

This stone was erected that the joint expense of his fellow workmen 1842