Cheap Excursion Train, The

A lively picture of a working class excursion by train at the end of the 19th century.

Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff! Goes the engine Now we're starting off again
For a day out in the country by a cheap excursion train [Note 059.1]
Chaps and girls sit in the corners all's cosy as can be
Some have seats and others haven't some are glad to take a knee
Doors a banging, banjo's twanging to the latest song [Note 059.2]
Ladies smoking, fellows joking, Now we shan't be long

Chorus: Now we're off again on a cheap excursion train
              Any amount of chaps and gals all their Sunday fal-de-rals [Note 059.3]
              Singing a lively song, a "life on the ocean main" [Note 059.4]
              Going away for a lively day by the cheap excursion train.

Then there's Bertie with his eye-glass, thinks the company really is [Note 059.5]
Beastly-bally-awfully-vulgar with its songs and sandwiches [Note 059.6]
Just imagine Bertie's horror when a lady shouts out "quick
'Ere, I say - you by the winder, hold my baby arf a tick"
Some reciting - others fighting, swearing all the way
Babies squalling - porters bawling, there's a peaceful day.


Now we've got into a tunnel, all's as lively as can be
"Keep your hands out of my pockets, "who's that tickling my knee?"
I tell you by your squeeze, leave off do,
Oh Mother! Mother! Porter turn the light up please,
Lights are gleaming, girls cease screaming, they once more look gay
Gay but rumpled hats all crumpled, What a tunnel Eh?