Carters and Railway Servants Strike

Expresses confidence that the workers can win if they stick together and accuses the masters of wishing to do down the workers.


Through England the news is just spreading
Of the carters in Manchester on strike [Note 052.1]
The masters the future are dreading
The men will have now what is right;
The masters may boast of their number
And with gold they may think they are strong
But our union will make England wonder
We strike against tyranny and wrong

Chorus:  Here’s to the amalgamated union forever [Note 052.2]
             The railway and lurrymen as one
             May the ties of love and brotherhood ne’er sever
             Until injustices and tyranny are gone

The gold hunting monsters will not mention
That they have a union of their own
Yet, they try every means of prevention
They want the working man to struggle on alone;
He may suffer every wrong without telling
In the country where slaves are not sold
Want and misery may be in his dwelling
While the masters are rolling in gold

We have offered to submit to arbitration
But the masters seem afraid the world may know
And hang back In conscious hesitation
Who is wrong I think this should show
From their union let them send a number
And by arbitration let us decide
Men of honour should always remember
That the working men will stand side by side

May success attend the union men of England
And Mr. Bass, the union men’s best friend [Note 052.3]
May the strike have peaceful termination
And may blessings our labour attend;
Our children ?---? learn in the future
That their fathers together did stand
Against tyranny and injustice united
They drove it away from the land.