Brighton Railway

Description of journey from  London to Brighton.

Tune : Young May Morn [045.1Tune Info] [045.1Notation]

Oh did you ne'er travel by railroad
That cuts out the old fashioned mail road
We're both sick of town
Suppose we run down
And you pay Brighton a visit by railroad [Note 045.1]

The early train will soon start my dear
And we must not waste time be depart my dear
So a coach while I call
Get your bonnet and shawl
Kiss the children for me and be smart my dear

Take a glass of wine and a crust my dear
Make the best of each moment you must my dear
Brighton station my man [Note 045.2]
Drive as fast as you can
Here we are just in time and but just my dear

Tune : All around my hat [045.2Tune Info]   [045.2Notation]

Morning papers gentlemen the 'erald or the times [Note 045.3]
Post marm or The Times with the Overland Mail [Note 045.4]
A Chronicle I'll fetch in the twinkling of an eye sir
Brighton Guide one shilling just the book to read by rail
Morning paper, &c

Tune : Partant por in Syrie [045.3Tune Info]  [045.3Notation]

At last we're fairly off-
Do let us have some air
My sweet babe sir has got a cough
A draught she cannot bear
she's cutting teeth I'm certain now
And what does try them so-
I'm always in a fume I vow
When I a journey go
I'm always &c

Tune : Will You Come to the Bower [045.4Tune Info]   [045.4Notation]

Sir here we are at Croydon, tis half an hour quite
Since they shut up the carriage door, and shouted "all right¹"
Policemen ticket porters are making such a din
While they let out some old passengers and take some new ones in
Croyden!,Croyden!,Croyden!,Croyden, parcels for the train
Croyden!, Croyden!, Croyden!, Croyden, off we go again.

Tune : Let the Toast Pass [045.5Tune Info]  [045.5Notation]

Merstham, and Stoat's, Nest and Godstone Roads pass'd
Red Hill and Reigate and Horley
Onward we puff hiss and blow till at last
We arrive at three Bridges and Crawley
Mr brown your leaving town
One's sure to meet friends on the rail up and down
Oh Mr Brown &c

Tune : In the days when we went Gipseying [045.6Tune Info]   [045.6Notation]

In the days when we went on the road not very long ago [Note 045.5]
The coachman on his box¹ was dressed quite spruce¹ from top to toe
He kissed his hand to pretty girls beside the cottage door
But now we're pushed along by steam and coaches run no more
Thus we spent many a pleasant time we ne'er again shall know
In the days when we went on the road not very long ago

Tune : Happy Land [045.7Tune Info]  [045.7Notation]

Haywards Heath ! Haywards Heath
Bless me how the child does cry
'Tis her teeth 'tis her teeth
Sweet darling hushaby
Here we go up up up
See saw scary downy
Gallop gallop trot trot trot
And hey for London towny


Tune : per adora le beile (sic) Not Found

Put up that window pray sir
These tunnels I can't bear
For all the doctors say sir
There's dampness in the air
'Tis safer yes 'tis safer
To breathe no air at all

Tune : Jim Along Josey [045.8Tune Info]   [045.8Notation2]

Look on our left is Patcham a sweet little spot
But before we can see it we're off like a shot
We sniff the breeze every step more and more
Another ten minutes and then our journey's o'er
So hey get along get along engine
Hey get along get along do


Tune : Unfortunate Miss Bailey [045.9Tune Info]   [045.9Notation2]

Your tickets ladies if you please perhaps you'll hand 'm over
Here's mine and one they gave me for my little spaniel rover
A fly¹ sir, here's our omnibus - and sixpence is the fare sir [Note 045.6]
I'll take you where you want to go as far as Brunswick square sir
Where's my luggage
I can't find my luggage
Good man pray stop the omnibus until I've found my luggage.

Tune : Nix my Dolly [045.10Tune Info]   [045.10Notation]

On the box¹ of a stage one used to say
One might gallop along in a tidy way lackaday
But whips and horses, coach and van
Are vanished now, and our only plan [Note 045.7]
Is to get on the rail and steam away
Get on the rail and to steam away.