Bowling Railway

The discomforts of the journey by train and ferry from Glasgow to Dumbarton.

To see a friend the other day
and banish care and spleen away
From Glasgow I did start so gay
Upon the Bowling railway [Note 040.1]

We started from the Broomielaw [Note 040.2]
And had such sprees you ne'er saw
And steamed it gaily down the Clyde
To catch the Bowling railway

Soon we reached the Bowling Quay
Like furies to the train did flee
Unto a third-class quick did pop [Note 040.3]
Upon the Bowling railway

For Dumbarton I was booked
'Tween two old maids got nicely hooked
I like a duck in thunder looked
That day upon the railway

My eyes were blinded with the steam
The two old hags did howl and scream
And clutched me in their bony arms
In that confounded railway

I thought they would have strangled me
And when I tried myself to free
I cut my nose upon the glass
Lord how I cursed the railway

My hat blew off I know not where
My wig went spinning in the air
And my poor head was left bare
Upon that rueful railway

My travelling wallet disappeared [Note 040.4]
The passengers at me all jeered
The very children laughed and sneered
I could have sunk the railway

But my misluck did not end here
My very staff(2) did disappear
While with my watch some shark made free
That day upon the railway

My brain swam round, my limbs did shake
A thief my pocket book did take [Note 040.5]
I though I was among the damned
In that confounded railway

When at Dumbartaon we arrived
The train it stopped, I was capsized
And day of horrors broke my leg
Just stepping out the railway

I thought I was about to die
When my friend I did descry;
Then jumped upon my pins like mad
From that infernal railway

All my mishaps I did forget
When with this worthy friend I met
And o'er a jolly bowl of punch
To pot consigned the railway