Glasgow and Ayr Railway

The eleventh of August in this present year
The railway was opened twixt Glasgow and Ayr [Note 135.1]
The people came flocking to Tradeston that day
To see the steam carriages going away

Its twenty-one carriages were in one train
It was in the hindmost my seat I had ta'en
Of ladies and Gentlemen not less were there
Than four-hundred on a pleasant trip to Ayr [Note 135.2]

In Tradeston before the like never was seen
The carriages all decorated with green
The flags they did fly and the music did play
There was great rejoicing opening the railway [Note 135.3]

While gazing all around unto my great surprise
The train it set off with a thundering noise
From the station house they did fly like the wind
And left both the coaches and horsemen behind

At Arkleston tunnel the train passed through
The light of the sun it was hid from our view
Thinks I Glasgow city I'll never more see
For into some coal pit they have landed me.

But before I could Jack Robinson say
Through Paisley like lightening they dashed away
My head it got dizzy they ran so quick
Some more in the train, like me, got seasick.

As Johnston and Lochwinnoch we passed through
Some old wives cried out "Alas what shall we do"
Tam O'Shanter's witches are come back again [Note 135.4]
See how they spit fire and burn all our grain

Then straight off through Beith and the town of Dalry
Twas like the Pegasus we did fly
Some wives in Kilwinning they were heard to say
Yonder's mount Vesuveus a coming this way

Through Irvine, Adrossen, Saltcoats, and the Troon
We did fly far swifter than Greens air balloon
Yet when we arrived at the town of Ayr
Great ringing of bells and rejoicing was there

On the Wallace tower a flag it did fly
From the front green they'd fired a fue do joie
The Kilwinning Band most delightful did play
The Glasgow and Ayr Railway is opened this day

A handsome pavilion was fitted out there
By Highet and Wilson of the town of Ayr
After a good dinner, sparkling glass
It's round in good friendship did merrily pass

When dinner was over we enter the train
And straight off for Glasgow we started again
The place did resound with tremendous echoes
While the Kilwinning band in style played "Off She Goes".

To the Engineers the greatest praise is due
Through rocks bogs and hills they cut their way through
May the proprietors be double paid
For on this great railway, great sums they've outlayed.