Betty Martin Or The Steam Loom Lass

Good people give attention,
Says the steam loom lass,
Unto what I'm going to mention,
Says the steam-loom lass
The subject I am starting.
It will please you I am certain,
As my name is Betty Martin, [Note 026.1]
Says the steam-loom lass.

You are all well aware no doubt, says etc.,
That there's been great turn-out¹, says etc.,
And the lads and lasses say,
That they never will give way,
Not until gain the day, says etc.

We will never be content, says etc.,
Until we get the Ten per Cent etc., [Note 026.2]
Around the country we will go, [Note 026.3]
with our fiddle and banjo,
And 'rattle up Jim Crow¹ says etc.,

Too long we've felt the stroke, says etc.,
Of the tyrants heavy yoke, says etc.,
But we've risen from the dead,
Not like poor Uncle Ned, [Note 026.4]
We have hair upon our head, says, etc.

You and we have eyes to see says etc.,
Let the factory masters be, says etc.,
They are getting in a rage,
Wait a bit and I'll engage,
They'll be glad to-give the wage, says etc.,

We will stand the grand attack, says etc.,
We've the public at our back says etc., [Note 026.6]
Until we get the Ten per Cent.
We will never be content,
For no less will pay the rent, says, etc.,

The nobsticks¹ and the vipers¹, says etc. [Note 026.5]
They are nothing more than pipers, says etc.,
They are not fit to gather rags,
May some unlucky wags.
Stick a needle in their bags¹, says etc.,

Cheer up your hearts my boys, says etc.
Keep the peace and make no noise, says etc.
And the masters not a doubt,
We will shove them up the spout¹.
I'm afraid they'll get the gout¹, says etc.

I know a factory master says etc.
He got warming plaster¹, says etc.
His wife; got on the table,
For to stand she was not able,
And she clapt it on his -, says etc.

He began to call his Sister, says etc.
For it gave him such a twister, says, etc.
He began to swear and jangle,
For be kick'd up such a wrangle,
Did year Mother sell the mangle, says etc. [Note 026.7]