Rob Roy Steam Vessel

Looks forward to faster sea travel enabling businessmen to spend more time with their families and cementing the political union of England, Scotland and Ireland.

On the Rob Roy Steam Vessel Plying between Glasgow and Belfast, Whitehaven etc.
Tune Willie Was a Wanton Wag


I sing the progress of a Ship, [Note 669.1]
The swiftest ever Scotland saw,
That o'er the sea takes many a trip,
Whatever airt the wind may blaw.

CHORUS.  The men of trade may now be glad,
                    Whose business leads to Erin's shores; [Note 669.2]
                    The wives no more for weeks are sad,
                    Rob Roy the husbands soon restores.

The union now will be complete
With Britain and her sister Isle; [Note 669.3]
From distant shores new friends will meet-
Rob Roy the distance will beguile.
The men of trade, &c.

The Thistle, Shamrock, and the Rose,
Will closer still their leaves entwine;
In Scotland now we take our brose(1) -
In England or in Ireland dine.
The men of trade, &c.

To bless our sight, the lasses bright,
And grateful wives, will dance with joy,
They'll doubt their een, when first we're seen,
So soon restor'd by the Rob Roy.
The men of trade, &c.

ROB ROY, to rescue the distress'd
From villains' grasp, was bold and brave; [Note 669.4]
His prowess is by all confess'd:
He ventur'd far his friends to save.
The men of trade, &c.

The trust Captain well employs
His skill, in adverse tide or wind;
The steward comes to raise the joys; [Note 669.5]
The jolly crew their duties mind.
The men of trade, &c.

When fire and wind assist our cause,
The yielding waves our music hear,
While merrily the piper blaws,
Auld Scotland's tunes each heart can cheer.
The men of trade, &c.