Baker's Glory, or The Conflagration, The

Good people all I pray draw near,
And soon my ditty you shall hear,
Attend while I exert my skill,
Concerning of the A---n Mill;
The people laughing run and stare,
While the owners stood in despair,
To see the flames ascend so high,
The A---n Mills! The people cry.

When it broke put the people ran,
'Where is the fire, now?' says one,
At the A---n Mills, the people say,
Why d---n it let it burn away!
For its destruction who does not care
For it has been wished for many a year;
For the bread at such a price did keep,
Now let's hope it will be more cheap.

The bakers and the Millers too,
They came afar the Mills to view,
And laughing then they went away,
Said, 'twas the best sight seen that day;
At night they together met,
Resolv'd their former cares to forget,
Let's laugh and drink and smoke away,
The A---n mills were burnt today!

The country Mealmen may now get a crust
Tho' 'twas their sad downfall at first,
The price of corn was kept up so high,
That at the market they none could buy;
They home did go quite forlorn
To think how high the price of corn,
But now again they're filled with joy,
To think they soon will get employ.

Says one, this flour is very coarse (sic),
Another says, I'm surpris'd 'tis no worse,
To you, my friend, I'll tell my mind,
They say, they Indian wheat did grind,
Which they did mix with our corn,
This grievance sure can ne'er be borne!
Why, I'm surprised much at what you tell,
I am glad that it out so has fell.

Says one, it is a shocking case,
That so much flour shou'd be waste,
And so very dear the price of bread,
Some thousands of people might have fed;
But it really was a scene of fun,
To see the pigs how they did run,
The people laughing all stood still,
Run, pig, you belong to A---n Mill.

Now to conclude and make an end,
I hope these lines that I have penn'd,
None will affront, I do not mean,
the case is plain for to be seen;
The price of bread so ear you see,
Let's hope it will much cheaper be,
That people all may have their fills,
It will make more work for other mills.