Awful Railway Accident Between Peterborough and Huntingdon

The Abbots Ripton rail disaster January 1876.


You feeling Christians I pray draw near
And a sad disaster you shall hear
That has caused much pity, distress and woe,
Thirteen poor creatures they are laid low
Upon the railway that fatal night
It must have been a heart-rending site
The Flying Scotsman to London bound
Destruction caused and death around

By the Scotch Express, what an awful sight
Thirteen poor souls were killed that night
Their last death cries were heard around
Has(sic) they died on the snow covered ground

She reached Newcastle that fatal train
And was joined by many a well-known name
They little dreaming what was in store
That many friends they would see no more
Mothers and daughters are parted now
The stamp of death is on their brow
In Heaven we hope they'll meet again
Free from sorrow grief and pain.

To Abbots Ripon it dashed with speed
And there a coal train was ahead
Not able to stay the steam in time
It caused destruction upon the line
The carriage into pieces flew
When a second danger appeared in view
'Ere many scarce could draw their breath
Their eyes forever were closed in death

The Leeds express with a fearful crash
Rushed into her like lightning's flash
The dreadful cries were heard around
From the dying ones on the snowy ground
The cries for help did rend the air
From husbands, wives, and children dear
Who were cut down in a moment time
By that sad disaster upon the line

Poor Mr. Sanderson's grief we fear
For his two daughters is hard to bear
To think those poor girls are no more
Their untimely fate he does now deplore
No more his daughters in life he'll see
His wife's heart is broke with misery
For the loss of those whom they loved well
Their sorrow is more tongue can tell

In many a home there's a vacant chair
For some daughter or husband dear
Wives and mothers in grief now? Mourn
For the loss of those who are dead and gone
In heaven they hope they again will meet
With the King of Kings at the mercy seat?
Them prap(sic) for those beneath the clay
Who were killed that morn on the railway