Awful boiler explosion at Bingley, Yorkshire

Every eye runs floods of sorrow
Every cheek is bathed in tears
Every bosom beats with horror
Every breast is filled with fear
For innocent, young and tender children 
Have lost their lives as we do read
By a boiler explosions at Bingley┬╣
Has caused many a heart to bleed [Note 012.1]

Chorus : Then pray drop a tear of pity
                  For the sad and dreadful doom
                  Of those dear and innocent children
                  Hurried to their silent tomb

To their school they went so cheerful
Alas upon that fatal morn
Little thinking they were doomed
To die before another dawn:
But life, we know, is most uncertain -
No one upon this earth can say
But, while enjoying health and vigour
May in a moment be snatched away

Those little darlings were in the playground
With their spirits light and gay
Little knowing what would befall them
Ere the dawn of another day
Every house is filled with mourning -
Dreadful are the piercing cries
Of, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
For those who are dead and before them lies

The tender mother is lamenting -
Brothers and sisters nearly wild -
And the poor dejected father
Cries "Alas, where is my child"
And the sorrowing friends and relatives
Moan in aguish and despair
Crying "Alas ! What shall we do ?
We have lost those we love so dear "

Those darling innocent little children
Lie in deaths cold arms we see
Missed! Oh missed! they'll be forever
By their heartbroken families
Comfort their fathers and their mothers
And set each pure heart at rest
Soothe the sister and the brother
And all who are in affliction bless.

And may the souls of the departed
Be now with Christ in heaven above
Far from the sad and broken hearted
Singing their redeemer's love
Their sudden loss in every cottage
Has pilled each tender heart with pain
The time will come when they in heaven
We hope together will meet again.