Are You Good Natured Dear

The Great North Railway which they
To town with other lumber
A thousand fools brings every day [Note 008.1]
Brought me among the number
At first quite pleased in ev'ry street
Was I these words to hear
From each fair maid I chanced to meet
Are you good natured dear ? (Repeat) [Note 008.2]

Quite pleased I rambled up and down
As if I'd just been born
Till by the steamer I left town [Note 008.3]
For the Gardens of Cremorne [Note 008.4]
When straight a bouncing wench there came
Who said with such a leer
(I thought I should have died of shame)
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

"Good natured! Wery Miss" I said
Returning her regard:
But you need not, bewitching maid.
Have pinched me quite so hard
Then love, said she, we'll supper have [Note 008.5]
So hollo! - waiter ! - here!
But, Stop - ere I my orders give -
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

I nodded, when for Bottl'd stout¹
She screamed away and dickens¹!
Like any drayman¹ hollered out
For pigeon pie and chickens!
She had six plates of ham beside
Beef and three pots of beer
I grieved I said yes when she cried
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

She then for gin and water called,
And drank like any fish:
And for champagne most loudly squall
Though 'twas against my wish.
Three sovereigns¹ ad more I paid ---
I thought I'd nit seem (h)ear
Especially as she had said
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

Of course the Polka then we danced
Lord, how we hopped and jumped, [Note 008.6]
We like to Taglionis¹ pranced
'Till both our bellows pumped
Like good 'uns we kicked up behind
I felt uncommon queer -
As she kept simpering out so kind,
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

Now from what cause I do not know,
But soon found out somehow,
My partner quite 'how came you so?'
Crikes¹! Wasn't there a row
Upon the stretcher raised on high -
I lumbered in the rear,
She winked to each policeman by --
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

At the station house this precious gal
She pitched them such a tale,
I was committed as her pal, [Note 008.7]
And ordered to find bail.
There in the black hole¹ locked all night [Note 008.8]
'Twas my sad fate to hear
Her hiccup out until 'twas light ---
Are you good natured dear (repeat)

Next morn before the magistrate,
I had ten bob¹ to pay,
Take warning all by my sad fate
Nor heed what gals may say,
Or you will have a pretty task
Shout them in tones severe,
'Go to the devil' when they ask
Are you good natured dear (repeat)