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ycleped = called, named, styled [OED]

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By English writers and speakers commonly applied to a native or inhabitant of the United States generally. By American writers; a nickname for a native or inhabitant of New England, or, more widely, of the northern States [OED].

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Yaw:  a movement of deviation from the direct course, as from bad steering; angular motion or displacement about a yawing axis [OED]

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A ship's boat usually with four or six oars [OED] 

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Yeoman: A man holding a small landed estate; a freeholder under the rank of a gentleman; hence vaguely, a commoner or countryman of respectable standing, esp. one who cultivates his own land [OED]

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A junior member of staff. The OED gives "A junior member of a ship's crew, typically a boy or young man".

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