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A boat or ship travelling at regular intervals between two ports, originally for the conveyance of mail, later also of goods and passengers; a mail boat [OED]

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Synonyms - PACKET¹
Paddy's Market

Paddy's Market: A market in Glasgow popular with Irish immigrants.

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A low-ranking servant (usually a boy), especially one employed as an assistant or apprentice to a more experienced servant. [OED]

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Fully paid shares. The shares which are of real value.
Shares issued in which no more money is required to be paid to the company by shareholders on the value of the shares. When a company issues shares upon incorporation or through an issuance, either initial or secondary, shareholders are required to pay a set amount for those shares. Once the company has received the full amount from shareholders, the shares become fully paid shares.

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A short rope or chain by which the shank of an anchor is held fast to a ship's side when not in use [OED]

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Pall Mall

A street in central London where several clubs for rich, mainly aristocratic, men were established in the early 19th century. [Ref:,_London]

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To grow weak or faint; to lose strength, courage, vitality, etc.; to fail, fall away [OED].

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Temple, Henry John, third Viscount Palmerston (1784-1865)  Holder of various senior govenrment posts between 1830 and 1859. Prime minister 1855-1858,_3rd_Viscount_Palmerston

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Trousers, breeches, or drawers. [OED]

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Originally a character from the  Italian commedia dell'arte representing authority and the older generation,  Later: in English harlequinade from the late 18th centuary a similar character who is the father, guardian, or elderly suitor of the heroine (Columbine), and the frequent butt of the Clown's jokes [OED]

James Barnes as Pantaloon c1820

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Pant: A public fountain, cistern, or well; esp. a stone or iron construction with a spout, from which water is drawn. [OED]

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Parities: Those of equality of rank, status, or treatment [OED]


Those of equality of rank, status, or treatment [OED]

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Those of equality of rank, status, or treatment [OED]


Railway Regulation Act 1844, compelled "the provision of at least one train a day each way at a speed of not less than 12 miles an hour including stops, which were to be made at all stations, and of carriages protected from the weather and provided with seats; for all which luxuries not more than a penny a mile might be charged". It enabled poorer people to travel for work. [i] These trains became known as 'Parliamentary Trains'

Reference: (accessed 09Nov20)

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Parlour Ballad : A song sung by the middle class in their own homes. Often sentimental, chauvinistic, or moralistic in tone. 

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Synonyms - parlour_ballads¹

William Edward Parry (1790-1855) British naval officer and Arctic explorer. In 1827 he attempted one of the earliest expeditions to the North Pole.

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Paviour: A person who lays paving [OED]

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Synonyms - paviours¹

Paving stones

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