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A pot for cooking broth or soup. (Tyneside)
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Large, Shallow drafted large boats that carried the coal from the banks of both rivers to the waiting collier ships

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Meaning not known

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Keelman: One who operates a keel - a large, shallow drafted boats that carried the coal from the banks of both rivers to the waiting collier ships

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Synonyms - keelmen¹

known, recognised, acknowledged, perceived,  [Dictionaries of the Scots Language]

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A house; esp. a house where thieves, beggars, or disreputable characters meet or lodge. [OED]

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king's speech

King's speech: a speech delivered by the sovereign at the opening or prorogation of Parliament [OED]

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A chest or trunk

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A red kite (milvus milvus)


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A prison, jail, or lock-up; a house of correction. [OED]

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knacker: One whose trade it is to buy worn out, diseased, or useless horses, and slaughter them for their hides and hoofs, and for making dog's-meat, etc.; a horse-slaughterer. [OED]

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Synonyms - knackers¹

An unprincipled or dishonest person; a rogue, a scoundrel. Like many pejorative, terms its roots are in the medieval words for lower class males. The OED give Knave as "A male attendant, page, or other servant; (also more generally) a man of low rank or status"

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Knobstick: A name given, by workmen, to one who during a strike or lock-out continues to work on the master's terms; a black-leg [OED]

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Synonyms - knobstick¹, nobsticks¹

 A misfortune, a rebuff, a blow; adverse criticism. Frequently in phr. to take the knock: to sustain a severe financial or emotional blow, to suffer a setback [OED]

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knocked up(1)

woken by a person appointed so to do

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knowledgeable; well-informed, learned, practised, expert having intelligence or understanding.[ OED] 

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knuckle down

To acknowledge oneself beaten; to give way, give in, submit. [OED]

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