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jack boot¹

Jack boot: A large strong boot worn chiefly by soldiers which covers all or most of the lower leg, sometimes reaching above the knee [OED] 


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Synonyms - jack-boots¹

Male donkey

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Meaning not known Presumably part of a power loom. 

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Synonyms - jack¹

Used as a typical name for a coach driver. [CPB]

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jaunting car

Jaunting car: A light, two-wheeled vehicle, popular in Ireland, now carrying four persons seated two on each side, either back to back ( outside jaunting-car) or facing each other ( inside jaunting-car), with a seat in front for the driver. Formerly made for a larger number of passengers [OED]


                                                         A Jaunting Car c1832

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To make a short journey, trip, or excursion; to take a jaunt [OED]

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Spruce, neat, smart; neatly-made; dexterous. [OED] 

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jannock : Fair, straightforward; genuine. [OED]

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Singing in a tune (but not the words) in a rythmical manner as if for dancing. [CPB]

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A device by  which a series of loaded wagons running downhill pulled empty ones uphill by means of a cable which ran around a wheel.

Palmer, Roy. Ed Poverty Knock: A picture of industrial life in the 19th century through songs ballads and contemporary accounts (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1974) p48

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jim along josey¹

Jim Along Josey is a black-face minstrel song of American origin. {Roud 4618}

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Synonyms - jem along josey¹

The name of an early 19th-century plantation song of the American South; (also) a stage presentation of a song and dance first performed by Thomas D. Rice (1808–60). 
Rice's "Jim Crow" persona was a racial caricature contrived to flatter contemporary belief in white superiority. 



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In Muslim demonology, an order of spirits lower than the angels, said to have the power of appearing in human and animal forms, and to exercise supernatural influence over men.[OED]

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Synonyms - genii

John - Lancashire dialect

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The act or practice of buying and selling goods or stocks in order to profit; the work of a jobber [OED]

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Jobson: A country person; a yokel, a peasant [OED]

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According to the Biblical Book of Job. God allows Satan to visit terrible trials upon Job to test him. In a short period of time, marauders and lightning claim all Job's livestock, then a desert wind blows down a house, killing all of Job's sons and daughters. When Job keeps his faith in God, Satan afflicts him with painful sores all over his body. Job's wife urges him to "Curse God and die." (Job 2:9, NIV) Finally, God appears to Job and Job, acknowledges God's right as Creator to do whatever he pleases.

Learn Religions [accessed 19Nov2019]


A cartload; the amount that a horse and cart can bring at one time. [OED]

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A Britannia Groat a coin that was issued until 1855, when it dropped out of use in the UK because of confusion with the 3d which started to be issued for general circulation in 1845(i) The nickname “joey” was transferred to the new threepenny piece

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