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Gaby; A stupid or foolish person; an idiot; a fool. [OED]

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Gad, Gadding
To go from one place to another, to wander; esp. to wander about with no serious object, stopping here and there, to rove idly.
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Gaff; to gamble, especially on the toss of a coin. [OED]

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A ‘made-up’ story; a piece of deception, an imposture, a lie. [OED]
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The process of carrying out a piece of deception, or imposture, inventing a story or telling a lie. See Gag
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Started (N.W.England)

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A covering of cloth, leather, etc. for the ankle, or ankle and lower leg [OED]


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Synonyms - gaiter

A small earthen glazed pot, esp. one used by apothecaries for ointments and medicines. (in jest or contempt). One who handles gallipots; an apothecary. Culinary vinegar was sold on draught in pharmacies as late as 1960

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1 gallon = 8 pints or 4.54 litres 

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Synonyms - gallons¹

Gammoned: Made a fool of, duped [OED]

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Absurd, worthless, or manifestly false talk or ideas; rubbish, nonsense. 'Gammon and Spinach': nonsense, rubbish; humbug [OED]

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Ganger: Leader of a gang of navvies who was often a sub-contractor for their labour.

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Synonyms - gangers¹

Garrotters: Street robbers who stole from people in the street using actual or threatened violence. Garrotte robbery was initially used to describe a particular form of violence used but Garrotter came to be applied to any street robber. [i] The first newspaper references to Garrotters appeared in 1856 [ii] and the Norfolk News of 27th December 1856 printed a description of an anti-garrotting device. There was a second garrotting panic in 1862 which resulted in the Garrotters Act of 1863 [iii]

[i] Sindall, R. The London garrotting panics of 1856 and 1862, Social History Vol. 12, No. 3 (Oct., 1987), pp. 351-359
[ii] Morning Post (London) 11 November 1856
[iii] Sindall, ibid

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Synonyms - garrotters¹


[Palmer, Roy - A Touch on the Times Songs of Social Change 1770 to 1914 (Penguin Education, 1974) pp 62]

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A very thin, transparent fabric of silk, linen, or cotton. [OED]

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A Geographical index [OED]  
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A soldier, either mounted or on foot (French gendarme à cheval, -- à pied), who is employed in police duties [OED]

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Synonyms - gendarmes¹
Gentleman's gentleman
A man-servant performing duties chiefly relating to the person of his master; a gentleman's personal attendant. A valet. (OED)
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Gent’s own gentleman
See Gentleman’s gentleman
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A boat used to transport coal, especially from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to London

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