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a pickle

A difficult situation [CPB]

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a pucker

A state of agitation, excitement, or haste; a fluster, a fuss [OED]

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Government [OED]

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The art of raising and guiding balloons in the air. [OED]
Aerostation. Mr. Sadler's Ascent From Merton Fields, Oxford

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Alderman - the chief officer of a ward in the City of London. A member of the Court of Aldermen and of the City of London Corporation. [OED]

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Synonyms - aldermen¹

During the 18th century 'ale' came to refer to a strong beer. In the 19th century ale was sometimes distinguished by its being brewed with malt that has not been roasted or burnt, and hence being paler in colour. Any beer other than stout or porter [OED]

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Aliment: That which nourishes the body of an animal or plant; nutriment; food. Also (as a count noun): a food; a nutritious or edible sub-stance; a nutrient. [OED]

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all my eye

Nonsense, worthless ideas [OED]

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all right¹

The term "all right" used to mean the train is ready to leave occurs in bar045~Brighton Railway and bar332~Railway Guard 

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A feeling of illness or extreme agitation seeming to affect the whole body; the state of feeling generally ill. The OED cites 5 examples from 1792 to 1848. (including bar413) and one in 1887.

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All accounts settled [OED] All parties treated fairly.

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In, or with, full force; with main force, with all one's might; vehemently, violently. [OED]

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Nankeens - Trousers made of nankeen; a kind of pale yellowish cloth, originally made at Nanking (China)  from a yellow variety of cotton, but subsequently manufactured from ordinary cotton which is then dyed; more fully nankeen cloth. [OED]

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Synonyms - nankeens¹
Anti Corn Law League¹

An association formed 1839 to agitate for the repeal of the Corn Laws

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Synonyms - anti corn-law league¹
Anty Clapham
Anthony Clapham A Newcastle soap boiler.
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Apothecary - One who prepared and sold drugs for medicinal purposes. [OED]  The OED suggests that c1800 the word was being replaced by druggist or pharmaceutcal chemist 

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Synonyms - Apothecaries¹

Apollyon, literally "Destroyer;" one of Satan's companion archdemons [i]
"But now, in this Valley of Humiliation, poor Christian was hard put to it; for he had gone but a little way before he espied a foul fiend coming over the field to meet him: his name is Apollyon" [ii]

[ii] John Bunyan The Pilgrims Progress (1678) Chapter 4. Project Gutenberg Website [accessed 27Apr2020]

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'treasure' as a term of endearment (Irish gaelic)
[ accessed 04May20]

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at the bar(1)

in court, in open court or before a tribunal [OED]

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aunt sally¹

A game traditionally played in some parts of England, in which players throw sticks or balls at a wooden target (formerly also Old Aunt Sally). Also: the target used in such a game.
An object of (typically unreasonable or prejudiced) condemnation, criticism, ridicule, etc.the earliest citation of Aunt Sayy in the OED is 1858

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