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Stock Exchange [CPB]


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A man belonging to the higher order of English gentry, ranking immediately below a knight or A landed proprietor, (country) 'squire'[OED]


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a pickle

A difficult situation [CPB]


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a pucker

A state of agitation, excitement, or haste; a fluster, a fuss [OED]


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Government [OED]


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The art of raising and guiding balloons in the air. [OED]
Aerostation. Mr. Sadler's Ascent From Merton Fields, Oxford


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Alderman - the chief officer of a ward in the City of London. A member of the Court of Aldermen and of the City of London Corporation. [OED]


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Aliment: That which nourishes the body of an animal or plant; nutriment; food. Also (as a count noun): a food; a nutritious or edible sub-stance; a nutrient. [OED]


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all my eye

Nonsense, worthless ideas [OED]


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all right¹

The term "all right" used to mean the train is ready to leave occurs in bar045~Brighton Railway and bar332~Railway Guard 


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A feeling of illness or extreme agitation seeming to affect the whole body; the state of feeling generally ill. The OED cites 5 examples from 1792 to 1848. (including bar413) and one in 1887.


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In, or with, full force; with main force, with all one's might; vehemently, violently. [OED]


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Anti Corn Law League¹

An association formed 1839 to agitate for the repeal of the Corn Laws


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Anty Clapham
Anthony Clapham A Newcastle soap boiler.


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Apothecary - One who prepared and sold drugs for medicinal purposes. [OED]  The OED suggests that c1800 the word was being replaced by druggist or pharmaceutcal chemist 


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at the bar(1)

in court, in open court or before a tribunal [OED]


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aunt sally¹

A game traditionally played in some parts of England, in which players throw sticks or balls at a wooden target (formerly also Old Aunt Sally). Also: the target used in such a game.
An object of (typically unreasonable or prejudiced) condemnation, criticism, ridicule, etc.the earliest citation of Aunt Sayy in the OED is 1858


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my darling, O darling. Irish.


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[Thomas Wilson - The Pitman's Pay and Other Poems]


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According to the bible, a united humanity in the generations following the Great Flood, agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. This came to be known as the tower of Babel, although the phrase does not appear in the bible.


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