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Chronology:   Bargery Number Main Themes:
1830-39 299  
1840-49 343; 396; 091; 501  
1900-09 134  
Uncertain 091; 323  



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Railroad To Hell

bar323: Dates ----~1860|

Drink is the railroad to hell. See also 'Railway to Hell'

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Railway to Hell

bar344: Dates ----~1860|

Drink is the railway to hell. See also 'Railroad to Hell'

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Thomas Scaife, epitaph of

bar501: Dates 1840~1842|

Epitaph of a locomotive driver killed in a boiler explosion

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Give Me A Ticket To Heaven

bar134: Dates ----~1902|

Orphan asks a porter for ticket to heaven so that she can be reunited with her parents

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Railway To Heaven, The

bar343: Dates 1846~1846|

An extended metaphor likening the way to heaven to a railway journey and the various denominations of Christianity as carriages in the same train.

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Variant Set 015 ~ Railroad to Hell

vs015: Dates ----~----|

Historical Context:

Unless otherwise stated the following is drawn from Drink and the Victorians by Brian Harrison.

The Beerhouse Act of 1830 was an attempt to reduce...

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The Spiritual Railway

bar396: Dates ----~1840|

The railway a metaphor for the path to heaven.

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The Downward Line

bar091: Dates ----~----|

Drink and Gambling put the sinner on the metaphorical railway to hell.

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