Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1820-24   | Fantastic machinery powered by steam
1825-29 507; 722 | The dangers of steam power run out of control
1830-34 402; 416; 664 |  
1835-39 404;  |  
1840-44 405 |  
1845-49   |  
1850-54   |  
Uncertain 075; 187; |  


Historical Background:


Charles Jameson Grant's The Century of Invention, Anno Domini 2000;
or, The March of Aerostation, Steam, Rail Roads, Moveable Houses & Perpetual Motion (c.1834),

Steam songs including fantastical elements can be assigned to three classes: firstly; those prompted by the sudden ubiquity of steam in everyday life; secondly, flights of fancy prompted by dramatic technological advances, often featuring real machines in fantastical situations; and thirdly, depiction of steam machinery running out of control.





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bar404|Steam Boots

A Man invents steam powered boots which run away with him. He fights with the man with steam arm (see bar402) and the man with the Cork Leg

bar417|Steam Tongue, The

A scolding wife who has her tongue cut out by her husband has a "steam tongue" fitted with disasterous results

bar507|Bubbles of 1825

Satire on the wild financial speculation prompted by the repeal of the Bubble Act . Imagines the development of steam trams and ocean-going steam ships

bar722|Present Times

Mentions steam boats, playing the flute by steam, and hatching chickens by steam

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