Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1820-24   | Fantastic machinery powered by steam
1825-29 507; 722 | The dangers of steam power run out of control
1830-34 402; 416; 664 |  
1835-39 404;  |  
1840-44 405 |  
1845-49   |  
1850-54   |  
Uncertain 075; 187; 395 |  






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Steam Arm, The

Soldier gets steam powered prosthetic arm and uses it to beat his wife

Steam Boots

A Man invents steam powered boots which run away with him. He fights with the man with steam arm (see bar402) and the man with the Cork Leg

Steam Tongue, The

A scolding wife who has her tongue cut out by her husband has a "steam tongue" fitted with disasterous results

Present Times

Mentions steam boats, playing the flute by steam, and hatching chickens by steam

Bubbles of 1825

Satire on the wild financial speculation prompted by the repeal of the Bubble Act . Imagines the development of steam trams and ocean-going steam ships

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