Give Me A Ticket To Heaven



The last train was just leaving, and the bustle at its height.
The station master, standing there, look'd down with wond'ring eyes
Upon this little maid, so frail in form, so small in size.
"Where is your father, little one? Are you alone? He cried
With tearful eyes she look'd up in his face, and thus replied,

Chorus: Give me a ticket to heaven; that's where Dad's gone they say
                 He'll be so lonely without me, travelling all the way
                 Mother died when I was born, sir, and left Dad and me all alone
                 So give me a ticket to Heaven please, before the last train is gone.




My daddy worked upon the line but when I went tonight;
To take his tea, he lay there on a shutter, eh, so white.
Then to a great big building, his mates carried him away.
'He's booked for heaven, poor old Dick!' I heard one of them say.
A station this must be, I thought to find the train, I'd wait.
But finding none, I ran on here, I hope I'm not too late.


The station master said, 'Come little one, I'll see you right.
A ticket to your father you shall have this very night.'
He took her to the hospital; they let her see her dad.
Though injured, he had not been killed and oh! her heart was glad.
Then turning to that kind friend, who had brought her all the way,
She said, 'If I lose my dad again, I'll come to you and say,


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Source Title Give Me A Ticket To Heaven
Bargery Number 134
Roud 24990
Latest Date 1902
Evidence for Latest Date Publication date
Comments on Song The song was performed in Music Halls [Kilgarriff p308] and was issued as a Parlour Ballad [Scott p256]. A gramaphone recording was made by Herbert Pyne.
Source of Text A - British Library Shelfmark H.3984.n.(18.) B - The Music Hall Monologues website [ accessed 20Apr20]
Author Elton, Richard
Music (Given or Suggested) Original tune
Source of Music As text
Composer Denham, Harrison, E
Performer Payne, Herbert (1971 -1836)
Printer or Publisher Francis, Day & Hunter
Where Printed London
First Line Into a railway station crept a little child one night;
DATA for: Give Me A Ticket To Heaven

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