Chronology:   Bargery Number Main Themes:
1790-99 509 Unemployment and resulting starvation and destitution
1800-09     Factory work and unjust working practices
1810-19 285 Strikes - in particular the '10% and No Surrender' strikes of 1853/54
1820-29 198 Social change resulting from industrialisation
1830-39 199  
1840-49 079; 070  
1850-59 318; 026; 662; 750  
1860-69 012  
Uncertain 128; 363  


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Preston Steam-Loom Weavers

bar318: Dates 1852~1852|

Complaint about fines and tolls on wages and rallying call to stand together against them. [318Synopsis] 

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Awful boiler explosion at Bingley,...

bar012: Dates 1869~1877|

The destruction of a bobbin mill, 1869

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Betty Martin Or The Steam Loom Lass

bar026: Dates 1848~----|

A strike ballad, probably from the Preston Lock Out 1853/54 [026Synopsis] 

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Cotton Spinners From Manchester

bar070: Dates 1841~1845|

A ballad sold to raise funds by spinners put out of work by machinery.[070Synopsis]

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Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver

bar079: Dates 1840~1852|

A young man sets out to seek his fortune in Bolton. He becomes an overlooker and fights for and wins the hand of a factory maid. [079Synopsis] 

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Flashie Steam-loom Weaver

bar128: Dates ----~1835|

Heroine is left pregnant by man who goes off with a steam loom weaver. [128Synopsis] 

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Grimshaw's Factory Fire

bar509: Dates 1792~1790|

The burning of Grimshaws Mill, Manchester containing steam powered looms in 1792

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Handloom versus Powerloom

bar149: Dates ----~1835|

Social disruption arising from introduction of powerloom.

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Joan o' Grinfield

bar198: Dates 1815~1837|

A handloom weaver's lament for hard times.  [198Synopsis] 

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Foster's Mill

bar285: Dates 1812~1880|

Destruction of the Mill by the Luddites 1812

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T'mill a'll go

bar363: Dates ----~1862|


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Scenes of Manchester

bar373: Dates 1839~1840|

Impact of industrialisation on Manchester.

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Weaver and the Factory Maid

bar470: Dates ----~----|

Young man says he will weave by steam for the sake of love. His father thinks factory girls inferior

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Johnny Green's Trip Fro' Owdhum To See...

bar199: Dates 1830~1842|

A weaver describes the railway - notes that it has depressed stage coach trade - but expects new railways to benefit weavers. [199Synopsis] 

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Uncle Ned; or the Preston Strike

bar662: Dates 1853~1854|

The Preston Strikers of 1853-54 demand a 10% wage rise [662Synopsis]

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Steam Loom Weaver

bar471: Dates ----~----|

Erotic encounter using steam looms and steam engines as extended metaphors

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The Ten Percent Question

bar750: Dates 1853~1854|

Strikers song from Haslingden, Lancashire from the time of the Preston Lockout

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No Songs sources etc data available.

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