Chronology  Bar Number   Genres    Bar Number
1790-99  508; 004;       
1800-09     Broadside    
1810-19     Songster    
1820-29  019; 558;   Pleasure Garden    
1830-39  292;       
Uncertain  540   Uncertain    


Main Themes and Motifs:


Historical Background

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Washerwoman's Lament

bar558: Dates ----~1826|

A washer woman laments the loss of her business to the Steam Washing Company. 

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Albion Mills On Fire

bar004: Dates 1791~1791|

The burning of the steam powered Albion flour mill in 1791.

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Baker's Glory, or The Conflagration, The

bar508: Dates 1791~1791|

The burning of the Albion Mills

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Good Old Days of Adam & Eve (1824)

bar019: Dates 1824~1824|

Includes a verse on hatching chickens by steam.

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Oldham Workshops

bar292: Dates 1835~0|

A description of a young man's first experience of an industrial town. Contains a reference to a stationary engine.

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Present Condition of British Workmen

bar316: Dates 1834~1840|

Machinery and steam-power are among the factors blamed for hard times.

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Steam Engine Coffee Grinder

bar540: Dates ----~1902|

A grocer buys a steam powered coffee grinder as a show of wealth despite the fact that he is in debt

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State of the Times

bar038: Dates ----~1832|

Parliamentary reform proposed as a remedy for unemployment caused by the adoption of machinery.

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Sources (texts, music) & Publishing data

No Songs sources etc data available.
No Songs sources etc data available.

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