Chronology:    Bargery Number | Main Themes:
1815-19    |  Celebration of the coal miners community 
1820-24  153; 422 |  The technical achievements of the mining industry
1825-29   |  Hardships of the collier's life
1830-34   |  
1835-39 054; 151  |  
1840-44 504; 370  |  
1845-49   |  
1850-54   |  
Uncertain 421 |  




The empire of steam was built on coal. Wood or charcoal can be used to fire an engine but to get a good head of steam coal is required. Coal was both the fuel that made steam locomotives possible and the reason they were created. The first railways were built to move coal and coal was always its most important single freight. Steam ships need coal, coal was a staple cargo and ensuring the supply of coal was fundamental to the development of the British economy, the Royal Navy and thus the British Empire.



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