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Bar327 [Synopsis] 

Oh have you felt distress o' trade,
Or craveing [sic] hunger yet
If not I'll tell you soon you may,
Have pockets for to let
Free_booters throw this happy llnd, [sic]
Such rabid strides they take,
That Brittons [sic] freedom toth foundtation [sic],
Stone they now do shake.

CHOROS [sic]
For MONEY it is all the cry,
In Country and in town,
Trade's getting worse and Banks they say,
Are Breaking up and down
Bread has got cheaper else this winter,
Would some Thousands pall
Work slack, low wage, yet still the [sic] must
Keep up they[sic] Railway CALLS

For railways throw [sic] this country,
Of late's been all the go,
Destress [sic] ef [sic] trade aud poverty,
Came marching on all so,
The Factorys working on short time,
Two three four days thats all,
and some are stop'd but still they must,
Keep up the Railway Calls

Fresh railways now they've got in vogue,
Such lots of money take,
Tradesmen drawing them to supply [sic],
As give they BANKS a shake,
Thinking of haveing [sic] quick returns,
Such havock [sic] they have made,
They cant find money for railroads,
And carey [sic] on with trade.

Railroad throw their enew,
But still there planing [sic] more
Thousands of Houses been destroyd[sic],
With streets nnd [sic] towns galore;
The land for growing Corn and Roots,
And Vegatubles [sic] all,
Will be destroyed as well as trade,
All throw this Railway CALLS

And railways now they've got in vogue,
Some thousands will dismay,
They'l [sic] have planed [sic] in such a stile [sic],
To run a cross the sea,
A chap as went up in the air,
One day in a Baloon [sic],
Said he saw them building one ith clouds,
As nearly reach'd toth Moon.

If chance they should make one toth moon,
Believe me its no lie,
Then trade with people live-ing there,
To carry on will try,
Exchange of goods for Bread and Beef,
Go up and back home soon,
If railways the [sic] could once but scheme,
To run up un toth moon.

If Architects their cold [sic] be found,
It would be something rare,
Could build suspension railways,
That would carey [sic] throw the air,
Why breakfast one might get at home,
And Dine ith Moon, ding dong,
At night arrive in China and sup,
With the great Hong Kong.

And if one did not like that rout,
Their [sic] then might be a chance,
follow Jeney_Lind [sic] aud [sic] hear her sing,
Or larn [sic] the Boatman_dance,
If not content while flying throw the air,
All in the Steamer,
Might have a squint at Boneys tomb,
Pasing [sic] over St_Helena

You may think the truth I have not told,
Theirs [sic] nothing like fair play,
The money gone trade should support,
In making of railways,
If one the could be fix'd ith clouds,
And Telegraph all so,
How things went on ith tother world,
We then might get to know.



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