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Awful catastrophe at the Clayton Hill Tunnel bar013 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters
Awful Railway Accident Between Peterborough and Huntingdon bar014 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters
Disaster at Elliot Junction 28th December 1906, The bar086 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters
Accidents and Disasters dummy accidents-and-disasters-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters
First Break bat747 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Blood on the Wheel bar692 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
First Foot bar746 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Death of John Thomas Hirst bar743 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Laborare Est Ovare bar580 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Only a Pointsman bar565 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Thomas Port, Epitaph of bar299 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/accidents-safety-regulations
Old Threshing Song bar290 agriculture-miscellaneous
Threshing Machine bar439 agriculture-miscellaneous
Asleep at the Switch bar009 awaiting-analysis
Battle of the Navvies bar023 awaiting-analysis
Beauties of Adare bar025 awaiting-analysis
Blinky is Driving Tonight bar033 awaiting-analysis
Body Dragger's Story bar037 awaiting-analysis
Bold Navvy Man bar039 awaiting-analysis
Cân yn cynnwys darluniad a phrofiad Isaac Brown, Conwy, yr hwn a gollodd ei olwg mewn damwain ar y rheilffordd ger Farnworth, Lancashire. bar530 awaiting-analysis
Chapman Chorale bar563 awaiting-analysis
Colonel and the Lady, The bar063 awaiting-analysis
Corn Bill, A song on the bar068 awaiting-analysis
Cosher Bailey bar069 awaiting-analysis
Darlington Railway Appliances Exhibition 1882 (the) bar077 awaiting-analysis
Dodger, The bar087 awaiting-analysis
Eleven-sixty-nine Express, The bar104 awaiting-analysis
Exhibition is All U.P., The bar115 awaiting-analysis
Fireman's Lament, The bar123 awaiting-analysis
Fireman's song, The bar125 awaiting-analysis
Fireman's Story, The bar126 awaiting-analysis
Footplate Song bar129 awaiting-analysis
George Gourlay bar132 awaiting-analysis
Great National Exhibition of 1851 bar140 awaiting-analysis
Hammersmith Belle bar523 awaiting-analysis
Hillochie Railway Porter bar155 awaiting-analysis
Hoops in the Petticoats bar158 awaiting-analysis
Hudson for Whitby bar161 awaiting-analysis
Hull and Holderness Railway bar162 awaiting-analysis
I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside bar164 awaiting-analysis
I Want to Go Back to London bar516 awaiting-analysis
I'm a Navvy bar167 awaiting-analysis
I'm a Nipper I'm a Tipper bar585 awaiting-analysis
In a Cheap Excursion Train bar174 awaiting-analysis
In Praise of the City of Mullingar bar176 awaiting-analysis
Invention of the High Level Bridge bar180 awaiting-analysis
Irish Navigator, The bar182 awaiting-analysis
Iron Times, The bar186 awaiting-analysis
It's No' The Clean Tattie Ava bar188 awaiting-analysis
Ivor The Driver bar191 awaiting-analysis
Jessie The Belle At The Railway Bar bar194 awaiting-analysis
Little Engine Drivers bar221 awaiting-analysis
Liverpool Improving Daily bar223 awaiting-analysis
London, Chatham and Dover bar227 awaiting-analysis
Maccabe's Excursion Train; Or, The Trials Of A Railway Porter bar235 awaiting-analysis
Man at the Wheel, The bar236 awaiting-analysis
Man Who Put The Engine In The Chip Shop, The bar238 awaiting-analysis
Manchester Races, Or Ryley's Ramble From The Land Of Cakes To The Land Of Cotton bar239 awaiting-analysis
Manchester Ship Canal, The bar506 awaiting-analysis
Maniac lady, The bar241 awaiting-analysis
Margate Steam-Packet, The bar244 awaiting-analysis
Meeting of the Leeds town clocks bar246 awaiting-analysis
Memories of Waterloo bar248 awaiting-analysis
Midnight Train, The bar249 awaiting-analysis
Muddle Puddle Porter bar254 awaiting-analysis
Navvy's Rest, The bar265 awaiting-analysis
Never Change Your Shirt On A Railway bar266 awaiting-analysis
New Penny Postage, The bar270 awaiting-analysis
Oh! Mr Porter bar288 awaiting-analysis
On the Margate Boat bar293 awaiting-analysis
On the staff of the Midland Railway bar297 awaiting-analysis
On the Wigan Boat Express bar298 awaiting-analysis
Pennyworth Of Fun; Or, Opening The Oxford Railway bar309 awaiting-analysis
Railroad Speculators bar559 awaiting-analysis
Railway Adventure, A bar325 awaiting-analysis
Railway Foot Warmer bar328 awaiting-analysis
Railway guard 2 bar331 awaiting-analysis
Railway Porter, The bar340 awaiting-analysis
Railway Porter, The : Humorous Character Sketch bar317 awaiting-analysis
Railway Porter, The; Action song bar341 awaiting-analysis
Reading Between the Lines bar356 awaiting-analysis
Right side Up ヨ With Care ! bar367 awaiting-analysis
Scenes Of Manchester bar373 awaiting-analysis
Seaside posters round the home bar642 awaiting-analysis
Ship That will Never Return bar603 awaiting-analysis
Signalman Sam bar383 awaiting-analysis
Signalman, The bar384 awaiting-analysis
Skipper in the Mercantile Marine, A bar385 awaiting-analysis
Skipper of Inland Way, A : A Song of the Engine Driver bar386 awaiting-analysis
Slap-Up Lodgings bar387 awaiting-analysis
Somewhere at Sea bar392 awaiting-analysis
Stand To Your Post bar016 awaiting-analysis
Steam Boat bar499 awaiting-analysis
Dover Express Engine bar665 awaiting-analysis
Stop Yer Ticklin' Jock bar423 awaiting-analysis
Sure I'm a porter at the station bar640 awaiting-analysis
Swell's Diary bar541 awaiting-analysis
Terrible boiler explosion at Ravensdale ironworks, near Tunstall bar432 awaiting-analysis
The Railway - a poem written in 1862 to celebrate the Opening of the west somerset railway. bar561 awaiting-analysis
Through Express, The bar440 awaiting-analysis
Tommy's Got the Money bar442 awaiting-analysis
Tuppenny Tube bar452 awaiting-analysis
Underneath the Arches bar457 awaiting-analysis
Waitin' on the Glasca' Train bar462 awaiting-analysis
Welcome Queen Victoria To The Town Of Leeds, A New Song bar472 awaiting-analysis
Willie Lee bar479 awaiting-analysis
Wreck of the Cambria bar594 awaiting-analysis
Wreck Of The Manchester Express At Wellingborough, The bar485 awaiting-analysis
Yesterday's Cleaner bar490 awaiting-analysis
Dr Beeching bar092 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railways-after-1845/beeching-and-after
Redundant Railwayman, The bar358 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railways-after-1845/beeching-and-after
Halifax Thornton and Keighley Railway bar148 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railways-after-1845/branch-lines
Howdon For Jarrow, Loup Out! bar538 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railways-after-1845/branch-lines
Paddy From Home bar303 children/childrens-games
Welsh Rarebit bar053 cntxt
Dorn's Ass bar088 cntxt
Exhibition of 1865 bar116 cntxt
Murder of Sarah Hart (A copy of the verses on the awful) bar258 cntxt
New-Fashioned Crinoline, The bar274 cntxt
Smokeless Chimney bar390 cntxt
Collier Lass (The) bar504 industry/colliery-railways
Stockton Bridge bar422 industry/colliery-railways
Hetton Coals bar153 industry/colliery-railways
Haswell Cages bar151 industry/colliery-railways
Colliery Railways dummy colliery-railways-dummy industry/colliery-railways
Five O'Clock in the Morning bar370 industry/colliery-railways
the miners song, down amongst the coals. bar421 industry/colliery-railways
Cabman's Railway Yarn, The bar049 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/comic-tales
Pointsman's Story bar723 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/comic-tales
Engine Driver's Story, The bar109 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/comic-tales
Engine Driver's Story, A Thrilling Incident bar108 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/comic-tales
Scotch Express from Ireland, The bar374 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/comic-tales
Last Train From Bacup bar213 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/consequences-of-beeching
No Use For Him bar357 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/consequences-of-beeching
Railwayman's Lament bar353 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/consequences-of-beeching
Slow Train, The bar388 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/consequences-of-beeching
Cornish navvy 1 cornish-navvy-1 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction/cornish
Cornish navvy 2 cornish-navvy-2 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction/cornish
Driver of the Train, The bar097 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Behind Time bar694 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Jim Dally bar688 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Bob Cruikshanks bar691 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Johnny the Engine Driver bar201 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Moses Of The Mail bar253 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Nottman bar282 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Rival Steeds bar369 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Young Man on the Railway, The bar491 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/drivers
Dan O'Connell or Morris O'Donnell. Hatching chickens by steam bar073 fantasy-metaphor
Patent Steam Washing bar308 fantasy-metaphor
Steam Cigar bar405 fantasy-metaphor
Steam Jaw, The bar410 fantasy-metaphor
Steam Pills; Or, Dr. Puffison And Mynheer Von Shlop bar414 fantasy-metaphor
Aerial Ship bar555 fantasy-metaphor
Aerostation, or the Great Balloon bar556 fantasy-metaphor
Bubbles of 1825 bar507 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Daniel O'Connell's Steam Engine bar075 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Three Hundred Years to Come bar664 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Aerial Steam Party bar163 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Islington Taylor, The Or The Steam Goose bar187 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Song Of The Steam Coachman That Drives The Omnibus To The Moon bar395 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Steam Arm, The bar402 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Steam Boots bar404 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Steam Tongue, The bar417 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Derivatives of the Cork Leg {Roud 4376} ds0001 fantasy-metaphor/fantasy
Fireman's Growl, The bar122 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/firemen-guards
Railway Guard, The bar332 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/firemen-guards
Railway Truck bar348 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/firemen-guards
I Stand and Watch the Trains Go Past bar465 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/firemen-guards
Newport Railway bar716 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Dublin Steam Coach bar099 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Great Western Rail Road, The Or The Pleasures Of Travelling By Steam bar141 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Johnny Green's Trip Fro' Owdhum To See The Manchester Railway bar199 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
My Grandfather's Days bar260 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Newcastle & North Shields Railway bar564 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Newcastle And Shields Railway bar273 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Oxford & Hampton Railway bar302 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Railway Whistle or the Blessings of Hot Water Travelling bar349 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Wonderful Effects Of The Leicester Rail Road, The bar480 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Reply to Wordsworth bar663 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/first-reactions-to-the-railway
Railway Omnibus bar337 miscellaneous/frauds
Steam Soup Or Cuckoo Jack's Petition bar415 miscellaneous/frauds
Mean-Minded Worker bar583 general
Good Old Days of Adam and Eve, The bar138 general
King Steam bar206 general
Old man you'll burst your boiler bar289 general
Steam at Sheffield bar403 general
NS003 Grace Darling and the S. S. Forfarshire (2) ns003-2 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling (Roud 3811) bar517 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling (Roud 1441) bar518 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling (Roud V3151) bar519 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling (Poem by McGonagall) bar649 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling (Roud V3152) bar496 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling or the Wreckers Daughter bar497 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Loss of the Forfarshire bar498 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Grace Darling and the S. S. Forfarshire ns0 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
NS003 Grace Darling and the S. S. Forfarshire ns003 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/grace-darling-and-the-s-s-forfarshire
Charitable Steam to the Nore bar616 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
Glasgow Religion bar738 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
Hey! Ho! Can't you Hear the Steamer? bar154 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
On the Sands (Steamboat) bar295 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
Sunday Steamer Emperor bar426 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
Funny Doings at New Brighton bar655 steam-ships-and-boats/holidays-and-excursions-water
Knott Mill Fair bar668 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/holidays-excursions-by-rail
Cheap Excursion Train, The bar059 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/holidays-excursions-by-rail
Cockneys Trip To Brummagem, The bar061 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/holidays-excursions-by-rail
On the Sands (To Brighton, one Sunday) bar296 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/holidays-excursions-by-rail
Trawden Bloeberry Cake bar083 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/holidays-excursions-by-rail
Journey with the Railway from Pembroke to Strata Florida bar203 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-the-countryside
Kendal Fair bar205 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-the-countryside
Union Houses Must Come down and the Railroads go to pot bar458 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-the-countryside
Western Railroad bar473 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-the-countryside
Impact of Railways on Town and Cities dummy impact-of-railways-on-town-and-cities-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country
Are You Good Natured Dear bar008 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Changes on the Tyne, The bar054 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Glasgow is Improving Daily bar136 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Liverpool's an Altered Town bar503 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Manchester's an Altered Town bar240 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Queen's Second Visit bar645 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/impact-of-railways-on-town-and-country/impact-of-railways-on-towns
Bob the Groom bar036 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
Dirge of the Dragsman bar626 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
When This Old Hat Was New bar549 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
Shillibeers Original Omnibus versus the Greenwich Railroad bar378 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
Stagecoachman's Lament bar554 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
Steam! Steam!! Steam!!! bar416 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
When George III Was King bar545 road-transport/impact-of-steam-on-road-transport
Watching The Trains Go Out bar469 rural/impact-of-steam-on-rural-life
Steam Jobbing versus Greenwich Watermen bar679 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
Excursion to Putney bar112 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
Keelmen o' the Tyne bar539 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
New Sang Tiv an Aad Teun bar648 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
Nobby Waterman, The bar279 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
State of Great Britain bar399 steam-ships-and-boats/impact-of-steam-on-water-transport
Auld Fite Naig, The bar011 industry
Colier, The bar062 industry
Conoughtman's Description Of Glasgow, The bar434 industry
Girl I Left Behind Me, The bar435 industry
Vacant was151 industry
Miners song, the; or 5 in the morning bar552 industry
Steam Loom Weaver bar412 industry
Terrific Explosion at Moss End, Lines on the bar433 industry
Haswell haswell industry
Accident At Preston, On The Boiler Explosion At The Royal Sovereign, Copy Of Verses Composed On The bar001 industry
irish navvy 1 irish-navvy-1 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction/irish
irish navvy 2 irish-navvy-2 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction/irish
Links to Steamboats and Ships dummy links-to-steamboats-and-ships-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/links-to-steamboats-and-ships
London Emigrant Steam Ship bar095 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
Hanes y Llong a Elwid Llundain bar529 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
London Steamer, The bar226 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
Wreck of the Steamer London bar514 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
Loss of the London bar389 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
Wreck of the London (bar483) bar483 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
Wreck of the London (bar484) bar484 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
NS006 ~ Loss of the London 1866 ns006 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/loss-of-the-ss-london
National Washerwoman bar721 fantasy-metaphor/metaphorical
John Bull's Railway Station bar196 fantasy-metaphor/metaphorical
There's Danger on the Line bar438 fantasy-metaphor/metaphorical
Awaiting Analysis awaiting-analysis miscellaneous
Green the Ganger bar144 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/murder-of-green-the-ganger
Burning of the Albion Mills 1791 ns011 narrative-sets
Narrative Sets info narrative-sets narrative-sets
Battle of Balfron bar022 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
Bold Navigators bar038 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
Dashing Navygator, The bar078 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
Navvy Boy, The bar263 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
Navvy on the Line bar532 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
To My Pick and Shovel bar441 navvies-and-railway-construction-3
Navvy Boy bar263 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Bold English Navvy bar513 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
It Was In the Queen's County bar598 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Navigators, the: (Railway Makers, The) bar335 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Navy Boys, The (Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore) bar306 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Poor Paddy Works On The Railway bar313 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Navvy on the Line (Bury) bar264 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
The Irish Harvestmen's Triumph bar524 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
Theme introduction: navvies-and-railway-construction-theme-introduction railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/navvies-and-railway-construction
new article new-article railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/new-article
tagged article tagged-article railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/new-article
Four songs about the Opening of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway ns001 newcastle-and-carlisle-railway-ns001
NS002 The Opening of the Newcastle and North Shields Railway ns002 newcastle-and-north-shields
Bendigo bar522 null
Bricks and Mortar bar042 null
Cook's Excursion bar064 null
Cook's Excursion Trip (A) bar065 null
Cork Leg And Steam Arm, The bar067 null
Crash, The; Or Meeting Of Cork Leg And Steam Arm bar071 null
Dreadful Accident At The Railway Bridge, Copy Of Verses On The bar093 null
Engine and the Cow, The bar107 null
Engine on the Line bar110 null
Engineer, The bar111 null
Excursion Train, The bar113 null
Golden Arrow bar137 null
Iron horse 2 bar183 null
Iron Horse, The 3 bar185 null
Jobson's Blunders; Or, Gas And Steam bar195 null
Little Engine Drivers bar512 null
Monster Science bar505 null
Night Train, The bar277 null
Nine O'Clock Train to the City bar278 null
Oaksey Fox bar283 null
Poor Cotton Weaver bar312 null
Porter's Love Song (A) bar315 null
Right Away There for the Honeymoon Train bar366 null
Sambo Pegged Out bar372 null
Steam bar401 null
Steam Engine, The bar409 null
Traction Engine, The bar444 null
Trains, Unison Song bar511 null
Washerwoman Versus The Steam Washing Company, The bar466 null
Connaughtman's Adventures in Dublin bar613 od014-steam-coaches
Conveyancing bar729 od014-steam-coaches
London sights bar625 od014-steam-coaches
New Invented Steam Carriage bar267 od014-steam-coaches
New Steam Carriage Blown Up, The bar271 od014-steam-coaches
Steam carriages by land bar557 od014-steam-coaches
Steam Coach bar624 od014-steam-coaches
Death and His Brother, Sleep bar081 od052
Just What We'd All Like to See bar547 od052
Safety Cord, The bar066 od052
Baker's Glory, or The Conflagration, The bar508 industry/other-industry
Good Old Days of Adam & Eve (1824) bar019 industry/other-industry
State of the Times bar038 industry/other-industry
Oldham Workshops bar292 industry/other-industry
Present Condition of British Workmen bar316 industry/other-industry
Steam Engine Coffee Grinder bar540 industry/other-industry
Washerwoman's Lament bar558 industry/other-industry
Albion Mills On Fire bar004 industry/other-industry
Isabella the Barber's Daughter bar634 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/other-river-boats-after-1850
Lady of the Lake bar749 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/other-rivers-before-1851
Oh What a Row bar413 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/other-rivers-before-1851
Eagle Steam Packet, the; or, a Trip to Sunderland bar106 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/other-seagoing-vessels
Great Western, The bar142 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/other-seagoing-vessels
Age of New Inventions bar621 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/other-seagoing-vessels
Burning of the Montreal bar048 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
From Peter Strongbow, New York, to His Brother in Connaught; A letter in Verse and Prose. bar056 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
Foundering of the Hibernia, bar130 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
Loss of the Governor Fenner bar231 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
The President Steam Ship bar247 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
Unfortunate Victims Scalded to Death on Times Steam Boat bar602 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
The Burning of the Steamer City of Montreal bar610 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
Rothsay Castle Shipwreck bar489 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/other-shipwrecks
Steam-ery bar591 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/other-thames-services
Battle Fought On The Shields Railway, bar021 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Bowling Railway bar040 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Bradshaw's Guide bar041 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Brighton Railway bar045 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Charming Young Widow I Met in the Train (Whilst in South Wales) bar520 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Charming Young Widow I Met on the Train (I live in North Wales) bar058 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Greenock Railway ('Twas on a Monday morning) bar146 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Iron Horse, The bar184 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Paddy on the Railway (Chorus: Engine, boiler, water tight) bar304 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Paddy on the Railway (Chorus: Hubbaboo, dideroo....) bar534 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Railroad travelling or a roide I' th' sixpenny go bar515 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Taith Y Cardi O Landyssul I Lundain bar521 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
Third Class Traveller's Petition, the bar589 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/passenger-experience
NS004 ~ Peart and Dean 1898 ns-004 peart-and-dean
Bishopsgate Depot Fire bar658 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters-and-other-station-staff
Derwent Wagons bar578 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters-and-other-station-staff
On the Old Ellenny bar294 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters-and-other-station-staff
Railway Belle bar326 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters-and-other-station-staff
A-Working on the Railway bar015 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters-and-other-station-staff
Porter's Christmas Eve, The bar314 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters
Railway Porter bar590 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters
Railway Porter Dan bar339 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters
All Change for LLanfairfechan bar005 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/porters
Her Black and Rolling Eye bar152 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/prostitution-etc
Kiss In The Railway Train, The bar207 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/prostitution-etc
Riding in a Railway Train bar364 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/prostitution-etc
Waiting for the Train bar463 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/prostitution-etc
Falmouth Railway Sharebroker bar119 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Jeames of Buckley Square bar553 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Rail, the Rail, The bar321 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway Calls, The bar327 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway Footman bar329 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway King bar562 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway Mania bar336 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway Stag, the bar560 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Study Economy bar425 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Railway Mania - Overview railway-mania-overview railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-mania
Glasgow and Ayr Railway bar135 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Birmingham And Liverpool Railway bar030 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
History o' Haworth Railway bar156 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Jim Crow's Description Of The New Greenwich Rail-Road bar359 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Llanidloes & Newtown Railway bar224 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
New London Railway, The bar269 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Newcastle and Carlisle Railway bar272 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Newcastle And Carlisle Railway {Roud V9449} bar502 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Opening of the New Railway bar301 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Opening of the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway bar643 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Railway, The bar350 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/advent-of-the-railway/railway-opening-ceremonies
Railway Workers dummy railway-workers-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers
Railways and Religion dummy railways-and-religion-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railways-and-religion
At A Railway Station bar010 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Aye Lad, That's the Way bar017 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Barrack Street bar020 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Be in Time bar024 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Bewildord Pitman, The bar536 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Big Bertha bar028 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Black Five bar031 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Blighty Train, The bar032 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Boy in the Train, the bar588 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Brighton Belle bar043 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Brother Bill And Jemima Brown, A New Song Called bar047 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Can newydd, yn dangos allan y rheilffordd sydd ar gychwyn o Crymmych i Aberteifi. bar531 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Charming young Fellow I Met In The Train, The bar057 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Daniell O'Conell and his Steam Engine bar076 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Day We Run Away, The bar080 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Dining Car, The bar586 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Dinosaur The Railway Left Behind, The bar085 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Downward Line, The bar091 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Dream Town Train, The bar096 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Dudley Station bar537 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Eight Freight Blues bar103 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Falling Of Nine Arches And Fifteen Lives Lost At Ashton, April 19th 1845, The bar118 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Farewell to Steam bar120 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Father Doesn't Fancy Work At All bar121 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Fit Us for the Final Signal bar127 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
From a Railway Carriage bar131 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
George Stephenson bar535 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Green All The Way bar143 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Gricer til the Day bar147 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Harmonious Hole, The bar055 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Honeymoon Train, The bar124 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I Lost My Train Again bar165 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I'd like to Be A Lengthman bar166 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I'll be waiting at the station dear bar172 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I'm gaein in the train bar168 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I'm The Man Who Put The Engine In The Chip Shop bar173 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I've Been Working on the Railroad bar169 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I've Gone and Lost That Darned Old Train Again bar189 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
I've Never Lost My Last Train Yet bar170 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
If You Go In A Railway Train bar171 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
In The Sidings Now bar177 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
In the Train bar179 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Irish Harvestmen's Triumph bar181 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Jemima Brown, or the Queen of a Sewing Machine bar192 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Just Like Your Dad bar204 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Last Train bar212 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Last Train Home Tonight, The bar214 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Ledbury Train, The bar217 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Level Crossing, The bar218 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Life and career of Mary Ann Walker, the female barman! bar219 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Little Johnnies Clockwork Train bar222 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Long Narrow Shovel bar228 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Money Doesn't Go Very Far, The bar250 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
More Humane Mikado, A bar251 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Murder In Park Lane: Apprehension And Examination Of The Prisoner bar256 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Murder in Park lane. Trial & committal of the prisoner bar255 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Narrow Gauge bar261 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Naughty Jemima Brown bar262 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Night Freight bar275 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Night Train, The bar276 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Norton Fitzwarren Railway Disaster bar280 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Off the Line, The Train is Coming bar284 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Oh! Blow the Scenery on the Railway bar286 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Paddy Works On The Railway bar305 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Perhaps She's On the Railway bar310 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Pinwherry Dip bar311 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Poor Old Mike bar551 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Race To The North bar319 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Ragtime Railway Lunch (That) bar320 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railroad Song, The bar322 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railroad, The bar324 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway Girl, The bar330 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway Guides bar333 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway Hymn, A bar334 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway Train, The bar346 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway Train, The bar347 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway, The (Padstow) bar587 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railway, the, Dedicated to Robert Thomas Cooper ヨ The Poet of Nature bar352 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Railways bar354 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Ramble through the agricultural show, a bar550 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Requiem bar360 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Requiem for Steam bar361 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Rheilffordd Cwm Taf, Can i bont ger Mynwent-y-Crynwyr tan (Taff Vale Railway) bar525 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Rheilffordd, Can i'r bar526 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Runaway Train, The bar371 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Servant of the Company bar635 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Settle & Carlisle, The bar375 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Severe Criticism bar582 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Show Me A Train that goes to London bar379 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Shut-down Of The Pinxton Line bar380 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Impact of Railways on Horse Powered Transport dummy impact-of-railways-on-horse-powered-transport-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Shut-Eye Train bar381 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Snow Train bar391 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
The Railway Manias dummy the-railway-manias-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Spiritual Railway, The bar396 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Spiritual Railway, The bar397 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Startling confession of Lefroy, another shocking disclosure. The murderer of lieutenant Roper at Chatham bar398 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Station People bar400 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Stivvison Centennery bar644 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Telegraph, The bar430 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Tender Engine, The bar431 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
There Goes My Train bar437 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Too Late for the Train bar443 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Train Song, The bar445 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Train Song, The bar446 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Train Went On, The bar447 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Train, The bar448 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Trains bar449 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Tren O'r Bala I Ffestiniog::(The Bala-Ffestiniog Train) bar450 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Turntable Song bar454 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Twelve Shilling Pension, The bar455 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Watching the Trains Come in bar467 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Watching the Trains Go By bar468 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Widow From Mayo bar478 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Wonders of the age bar481 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Getting started with Form2Content Lite getting-started-with-form2content-lite railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Ais Gill bar002 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Alarm Clock Rings bar003 railways-themes-songs-and-poems
Thomas Scaife, epitaph of bar501 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
The Spiritual Railway bar396 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
The Downward Line bar091 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Give Me A Ticket To Heaven bar134 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Railroad To Hell bar323 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Railway To Heaven, The bar343 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Railway to Hell bar344 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Variant Set 015 ~ Railroad to Hell vs015 fantasy-metaphor/religion-temperance
Elwy Steamer bar105 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850
Wreck Off London Bridge bar584 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850
Newcastle And Shields Railway, The bar273 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851
Clyde Steam Boats 1819 bar667 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851
John Gilpin's Steam Excursion bar197 road-transport
New Invented Steam Coach, The bar268 road-transport
New Steamer, The; Or, Satan's Coach bar495 road-transport
Steam Coach, The bar406 road-transport
Steam Coaches Now Are All The Go bar407 road-transport
Steam Tram Lines bar418 road-transport
Steamer, The Or A Bit Of Advice To Jarveys bar494 road-transport
Velocipede bar459 road-transport
Great Britain Ashore bar100 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels
Launch of the Great Eastern bar216 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels
Jim's Whistle bar687 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Economies With Lights bar102 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Duncan Weir bar690 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Bill's Length bar693 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
High Shields Goods Yard Lights bar569 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Shunting Pole Inspector bar225 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
More Work for the Undertaker bar252 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Old Wylie's Stone bar291 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Onward ~ A Tale of the S.E. Railway bar300 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Parting, The bar579 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Absent Minded Ganger bar566 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/shunters-track-workers
Danger Signal bar074 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/signalmen
Signalman bar681 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/signalmen
Weary Signalman bar654 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/signalmen
In The Signal Box bar178 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/signalmen
Signalman On The Line bar382 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/railway-workers/signalmen
Big Ben bar027 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Cockney's Travels, The bar060 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Good-Bye-ee bar139 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Honeymoon Train, The bar157 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
I've Got to Get the Nine-Train Back bar190 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Lamentable Ballad of the Foundling of Shoreditch bar209 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Married Man Caught In A Trap A, ::Or, The Lover's bar245 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Oh! I Must Go Home Tonight bar287 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
She Laughed When I Had Done It bar376 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
She Went Right Past Her Junction bar377 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Song of the Railroads bar394 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
What Did She Know About Railways? bar474 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
What Funny Little Place to Have One bar475 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/social-impact
Launch of the Great Britain bar145 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/ss-great-britain
Great Britain Stuck in the Mud bar510 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/ss-great-britain
Down By the Dark Arches bar090 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
Jessie At The Railway Bar bar193 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
Modern Railway Platform bar576 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
The Railway Platform bar338 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
Railway Station Sandwich, The bar342 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
Waiting for the Train bar464 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/station-life
Dublin Steam Coach (Road) bar099 road-transport/steam-coaches
Steam Coach (2) bar624-2 road-transport/steam-coaches
My Grandfather's Days bar542 steam-power-generally
My Grandfather's Days bar544 steam-power-generally
Song of Steam bar393 steam-power-generally
As the Lusitania Went Down bar601 steam-ships-and-boats
Ballad Of The Q4, the bar018 steam-ships-and-boats
Be British bar114 steam-ships-and-boats
Billibirumpidoodlupiday bar029 steam-ships-and-boats
Boat's A-Going Over, The bar035 steam-ships-and-boats
Bull John bar637 steam-ships-and-boats
Burning of the Amazon Steamer bar600 steam-ships-and-boats
Collision of Dublin and Belfast steamers bar592 steam-ships-and-boats
Daddy Went Upon a Steamer bar072 steam-ships-and-boats
Did You Ever Hear A Girl Say No bar084 steam-ships-and-boats
Fund of Amusement bar615 steam-ships-and-boats
Galarnad er cof am longddrylliad yr agerlong City of Bristol bar528 steam-ships-and-boats
Get Yer Ticket for the Steamboat bar133 steam-ships-and-boats
Gravesend Steamer bar492 steam-ships-and-boats
He Back She Back bar638 steam-ships-and-boats
How Will the Voyage End? bar160 steam-ships-and-boats
Isabella the Barbers Daughter bar634 steam-ships-and-boats
Johnny Met Her on a Steamer bar200 steam-ships-and-boats
Knickerbocker line bar208 steam-ships-and-boats
Lamentation for the Loss of the Comet Steam Boat bar211 steam-ships-and-boats
Let the Bulgine Run bar636 steam-ships-and-boats
Lines on the appalling accident on the river Clyde, by the upsetting of the ferry-boat, whereby 20 persons were drowned, on the 30th November, 1864 bar220 steam-ships-and-boats
London Curiosities bar546 steam-ships-and-boats
Loss of the "Victoria" steamer in Dublin bay, Feb. 15th, 1853, The bar229 steam-ships-and-boats
Loss Of The Glasgow And Londonderry Steam-Shipᅠᅠ"Falcon", Lines On The bar230 steam-ships-and-boats
Loss of the Glasgow and Londonderry Steamship Falcon, Lines on the bar117 steam-ships-and-boats
Loss of the Royal Charter bar233 steam-ships-and-boats
Loss of the Ship Rose a Glasco bar234 steam-ships-and-boats
Lusitania Lucy bar607 steam-ships-and-boats
Lusitania song bar608 steam-ships-and-boats
Man Below, The bar237 steam-ships-and-boats
Margate Steam-Boat bar243 steam-ships-and-boats
Melancholy Loss of the Waterwitch bar500 steam-ships-and-boats
My First Voyage in Steam bar259 steam-ships-and-boats
My Parents Raised Me Tenderly bar597 steam-ships-and-boats
Norwich Lowestoft navigation bar281 steam-ships-and-boats
Margate Steamboat, The bar243 steam-ships-and-boats
Steamer Braves Both Wind and Tide bar604 steam-ships-and-boats
Steamship Cospatrick bar605 steam-ships-and-boats
Steel Clad Ships of England bar606 steam-ships-and-boats
Storm oh the Paisley Canal bar424 steam-ships-and-boats
Titanic song bar595 steam-ships-and-boats
Total Loss Of The Albion Steamer bar493 steam-ships-and-boats
Transport Return bar533 steam-ships-and-boats
Trip to Margate (A) bar451 steam-ships-and-boats
Trip to the Nore bar617 steam-ships-and-boats
Unseaworthy Ship, The bar548 steam-ships-and-boats
Warkworth Feast bar646 steam-ships-and-boats
When the Lusitania Went Down bar609 steam-ships-and-boats
When The Steam Boat's On The Waters bar477 steam-ships-and-boats
Tay Bridge bar082 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Lamentable Lines on the Tay Bridge Disaster bar210 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster bar427 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster, In Memory of the bar175 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar428 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster, The bar429 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge is Broken and I'm come to mend it, The bar420 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster (659) bar659 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Fall of Tay Bridge bar660 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Tay Bridge Disaster (661) bar661 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
NS008 ~ Tay Bridge disaster 1879 ns008 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/tay-bridge-disaster
Awful boiler explosion at Bingley, Yorkshire bar012 industry/textiles
Betty Martin Or The Steam Loom Lass bar026 industry/textiles
Uncle Ned; or the Preston Strike bar662 industry/textiles
Cotton Spinners From Manchester bar070 industry/textiles
Dashing Steam-Loom Weaver bar079 industry/textiles
Steam Loom Weaver bar471 industry/textiles
The Ten Percent Question bar750 industry/textiles
Flashie Steam-loom Weaver bar128 industry/textiles
Grimshaw's Factory Fire bar509 industry/textiles
Handloom versus Powerloom bar149 industry/textiles
Joan o' Grinfield bar198 industry/textiles
Foster's Mill bar285 industry/textiles
Preston Steam-Loom Weavers bar318 industry/textiles
T'mill a'll go bar363 industry/textiles
Weaver and the Factory Maid bar470 industry/textiles
Rothesay Castle Steam Boat bar708 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Clyde Steam Boats 1819 bar667 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
On the Neptune Steam Boat bar703 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
The Inverary Castle Steam Boat bar713 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Waterloo Steam Boat bar704 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Dumbarton Castle Steam Boat bar706 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Marquis of Bute Steam Boat bar710 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Albion Steam Boat bar705 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Greenock Steam Boat bar711 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
On the Glasgow Steam Boat bar707 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
The Argyle Steam Boat bar712 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Post Boy Steam Boat bar715 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Extemporare Stanza bar714 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Steamer Robert Burns bar599 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Clyde Steam Boats 1818 bar666 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-clyde-before-1851
Wreck of the Comet Steam Boat bar720 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-comet
Steam-packet Comet, y, Can alarus yn rhoddi hanes am bar527 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-comet
Wreck of the Comet Steam Boat bar482 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-comet
The Comet 1825 ns007 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-comet
Loss of the Comet steam-boat. bar629 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-comet
Ariadne Steam Packet bar034 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
Brighton Steam Packet bar046 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
Calais Packet, The bar050 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
Everyone to Their Liking bar728 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
Dover Steam Packet, The bar089 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
A Custom House Breeze bar733 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-english-channel
The Great Eastern ns010 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Great Eastern Steamship bar727 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Have You Seen the Great Eastern bar726 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Hop De Dooden Doo bar657 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Bobby Walkstraight's Visit to the Great Leviathan bar101 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Launch of the Great Eastern bar215 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-great-eastern
Rob Roy Steam Vessel bar669 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-irish-sea
On the Britannia Steam Boat bar709 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-irish-sea
Boat That First Brought Me Over bar751 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-irish-sea
Leinster Lass bar596 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-irish-sea
Paddy's Voyage to Glasgow, A new song bar307 steam-ships-and-boats/seagoing-vessels/the-irish-sea
Hanes Llofruddiaeth arswydus Mr T Briggs, Y Banker gan Franz Muller bar150 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
Horrid Murder of a Gentleman in a Railway Carriage bar159 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
Lamentation Of Franz Muller bar345 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
Murder In The Railway Train bar257 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
The Murder of Briggs by Hans Muller 18 dummy the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
Verses On The Condemnation of Franz Muller bar461 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/crime/the-murder-of-briggs-by-hans-muller-18
The Newcastle and Carlisle Railway dummy the-newcastle-and-carlisle-railway-dummy railways-themes-songs-and-poems/the-newcastle-and-carlisle-railway
The Northfleet ns009 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Wreck of the Northfleet , The bar724 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Dreadful Loss Of The Northfleet: A Loss Of 350 Lives, The bar362 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Drowning of the Northfleet Immigrants off Dungeoness bar639 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
What I Saw in My Dream as I Slept in My Chair bar476 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Wreck of the Northfleet , The bar486 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Dreadful shipwreck of the Northfleet bar612 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Wreck of the Northfleet or Farewell Wife Dearer Than Life bar487 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Wreck Of The Northfleet; Or, Father Put Me In The Boat bar351 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-northfleet
Loss of the Princess Alice bar734 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Loss of the Princess Alice by a Survivor bar735 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
There and (Not) Back! bar736 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Thoughts Suggested by the Loss of the Princess Alice bar737 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Princess Alice Went Down bar744 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
The Wreck of the Princess Alice bar745 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Wreck of the Princess Alice (They left their home) bar627 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Loss of the Princess Alice bar232 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
The Doomed Ship, Princess Alice bar611 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Wreck of the Princess Alice bar488 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-after-1850/the-princess-alice-disaster
Jobson's Blunders, or Gas and Steam bar195 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Present Times bar722 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Golden Stones of London bar652 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
The Thames Before 1851 the-thames-before-1851 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Trip to the Nore, A bar617 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Gravesend Steamer bar633 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Margate Steam Yacht (From London to Margate I took an excursion) bar242 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Margate Steam Yacht (Tea-Kettles are beautiful things) bar628 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Shop Windows or Amusements of London bar006 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Steam Packet (A Short farewell to smoke and noise) bar618 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Steam Watermen, The bar419 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Trip to Richmond by Water bar619 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-thames-before-1851
Steam Ferry bar647 steam-ships-and-boats/river-boats-before-1851/the-tyne-before-1851
Loss of the Atlantic Mail Ship bar651 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-wreck-of-the-atlantic
Wreck of the Atlantic bar650 steam-ships-and-boats/shipwrecks/the-wreck-of-the-atlantic
Women's Rights in Southville bar572 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Carters and Railway Servants Strike bar052 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Brief Respite bar567 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Nail It Down bar575 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Epitaph on a Deceased Railwayman bar368 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Strike Ditties I bar573 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Strike Ditties II bar574 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Sunday Working at Cheltenham bar570 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Watkin the Matter Be? bar453 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Why I Joined the A.S.R.S bar577 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Absent-Minded Chairman bar568 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Appeal to Non-Society Men, An bar007 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/trades-unions-politics
Dreadful Accident to the Irish Mail ~ 23 Lives Lost bar094 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/train-crashes
Stood at Clear bar678 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/train-crashes
Rid of His Engine bar683 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/train-crashes
Gallant Twain, The bar581 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/train-crashes
Humble Heroes bar571 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/accidents-and-disasters/train-crashes
Riding on the District Railway bar365 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/underground-railways
Underground Railway, The bar456 railways-themes-songs-and-poems/underground-railways
Variant Sets index variant-sets-index variant-sets
You May Travel by Steam vs001odd variant-sets
Variant Set 001 ~ You May Travel by Steam vs001 variant-sets

Music Index

Melody a.k.a. Comment Bar Song Title
Tortoiseshell Tom-Cat, The   Given Not found 695 Adventures in a Steam Boat
Absent-minded Beggar   suggested 568 Absent Minded Chairman
Adieu My Native Land   Suggested 558 Washerwoman’s Lament
Adventures in a Steam Boat Steam-ery Given 624 Steam Coach
All Change for Llanfairfechan   Original 5 All Change for Llanfairfechan
A-working on the Railway   Original 15 A-working on the Railway
Battle of Algiers   Given Not found 247 The President Steam ship
Belisle March   Given 527 Steam Packet Comet
Bell-bottom Trousers   Given 294 On the Old Elleny
Bold Dragoon   Suggested variant 564 Newcastle and North Shields Railway
Bonnie Lass of Fyvie   Given 92 Doctor Beeching
Bow, Wow, Wow   Given 621 Age of New Inventions
Bow, Wow, Wow   Given 645 Queen’s Second Visit
Bricks and Mortar   suggested 524 Irish Harvestmen’s Triumph
Britannia the Pride of the Ocean   Given 52 Carters and Railway Servants Strike
Buy Broom Besoms   Given 119 Falmouth Railway Sharebroker
Calais Packet Hunting the Hare Given 50 Calais Packet
Cappy Cappy the Pitman’s Dog Given 538 Howden for Jarrow
Cappys the Dog Cappy the Pitman’s Dog Given 12 Battle on the Shields Railway (suggested variant)
Chapter of Kings   Suggested 335 Railway Makers (Navigators)
Cheap Excursion Train   Original 59 Cheap Excursion Train
Cork Leg Steam Arm Given 402 Steam Arm
Cork Leg Steam Arm Given 668 Knott Mill Fair
Cork Leg Steam Arm suggested 417 Steam Tongue
Courting Coat   Given 513 Bold English Navvy
Dashing Young Waterman     419 Steam Watermen
Driver of the Train   Original 97 Driver of the Train
Flowers of the Forest   Given 48 Burning of the Montreal
Flowers of the Forest   Given 130 Foundering of the Steamer Hibernia
Flowers of the Forest   Suggested 660 Fall of Tay Bridge
Give Me a Ticket to Heaven   Original 134 Give Me a Ticket to Heaven
Grace Darling or The Wrecker’s Daughter   Original 497 Grace Darling or The Wrecker’s Daughter
Green Bushes   Suggested 90 Down by the Dark Arches
It was in the Queen’s County   Traditional from field recording 598 It was in the Queen’s County
jingling johnny   Given 19 Good Old Days of Adam & Eve (2nd part of tune)
John Grouse and Mother Goose   Given 195 Jobson’s Blunders
Johnny the Engine Driver   Original 201 Johnny the Engine Driver
Jump Jim Crow   Suggested 359 Jim Crow’s description of the New Greenwich Railroad
King of the Cannibal Islands   Given 146 Greenock Railway
La Pique   Suggested 273 Newcastle and Shields Railway
Legacy Bard’s Legacy Given 728 Everyone to Their Liking
Merrily O’er the Waves I Go   Suggested 142 Great Western
Military Air of the Nightingale   Given Not found 618 Steam Packet
More Work for the Undertaker   Original 252 More Work for the Undertaker
Morgan Rattler   Given 56 Peter Strongbow’s Letter
Moses of the Mail   McColl? 253 Moses of the Mail
Navvy Boy   Traditional 263 Navvy Boy
Nicky Tams   Given 353 Railwayman’s Lament
No Tune Given     118 Falling of Nine Arches
No tune given     106 Eagle Steam Packet
No Tune Given     136 Glasgow is Improving Daily
No Tune Given     141 Great Western Railroad or the Pleasures of Travelling by Steam
No Tune Given     153 Hetton Coals
Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be ? -   suggested variant 453 Watkin the Matter Be?


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