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[Note 059.5] "Then there's Bertie with his eye-glass" - "Bertie" is name associated with the upper classes (e.g "I'm Burlington Bertie, I rise at 10:30" BL H.3993.r.(4.)) so Bertie here is the archetypal toff. An eye-glass is a monocle, fashionable at the time. "Beastly-bally-awfully-vulgar" emphasises Bertie's status and lampoons upper class speech mannerisms of the period (See for example, the Jeeves & Wooster novels of P.G. Wodehouse). The Oxford English Dictionary gives "Bally" as a "vague intensive (usually as a euphemism for bloody): confounded, dashed, blasted. Used for emphasis: confoundedly, extremely, very". It was not unknown for upper class passengers to save money by travelling third class thus contributing to the social mixing that was such a feature of the railways.


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