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[666.5] "Anither course has Marion ta'en, She's cruizing on Lochlomond":- Below is a picture of Marion taken from an advertising handbill.

Lord Jeffrey, later to become Lord Advocate complained of the Marion that ; "It is a new experiment for the temptation of tourists.  It circumnavigates the whole lake in about ten hours and it was certainly strange and striking to hear and see it hissing and roaring past the headlands of our little bay, foaming and shouting like an angry whale, but on the whole it rather vulgarises the scene too much, and I am glad that it is found not to answer, and has to be dropped next year." she was not dropped the following year but plied her trade with great success until replaced by the Euphrosyne in 1827 [Ref:]

The development of tourism on Loch Lomond later encouraged the construction of the Caledonian and Dumbartonshire Railway. See bar040~Bowling Railway




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